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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Booth Re-Do

I've realized that my booth will never be "done", and that's OK, I like going in and re-arranging and fluffing. Sometimes I just bring in a few new things, sometime i'll re-do one side, or add a new display piece. Recently I've added lots of fun new stuff, and also re-arranged. Here are some pics of some of the things I've added.

Some cool old Frames, and a lamp shade chandie, misc wire baskets

My Back wall

My door display, hanging wire planter with candy dish to lure you in, the flash cards all in one place, and a dish drainer full of textile soak and funnels.
I've also added an "Idea board" to this area.

I love making vignettes in old lanterns.

The round thing below is some sort of hand reeling wheel. It's pretty heavy and oh so rusty cool.

The little white bird cage below is already gone.Didn't last 2 days in the booth.
The wooden gears are a fav of mine, but I don't think folks around here "get it".

and an Old ceiling lamp becomes a candle holder. As you can see I'm too cheap to buy candles. They end up getting sold with the item anyway. So I make candles with old music and book pages.

That's the tour of my booth, I'm sure I will change it around often. Each time I'm a little happier with it. It's a small space, and I can sure cram a lot of stuff in there.
Maybe I need a bigger booth, because I've still got a barn full.

Mark your calendars
Our Little Corner Antique mall is having an "everything is on sale-sale" May 16th.
there will be lots of stuff inside and out. Dealers will be bringing extra stuff for outdoor shopping. And Everything will be marked down in every booth. Nothing going for the marked price, NOTHING.
So if you are not headed to Mindy's sale in Poetry, head out to Noonday, to Our Little Corner for some great deals.


Embellish-Vintage Embellishments said...

I just wanted to let you know that I think your booth looks fabulous. I love your displays. I actually stage the windows at my favorite local antique store and I find your booth inspirational.


trash talk said...

Darn it, we are going to be out of town that weekend! I'm going to try and get by y'alls mall when I come back to pick up my scale! Love the lanterns.

Nancy Elaine said...

I am going to have to get to Tyler.
I love your displays. I do the same thing with music sheets instead of candles for the exact reason and I think it just has a better look. I posted some photos of my coffee sack cart liner, so you will have to check it out.

luv2teek said...

I love the gears!!

curiousgoods said...

I love this post even tho it is an older one. Great Stuff!

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