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Friday, May 1, 2009

This week's finds

I have been very amused at the "similar" stories to the one I posted in my previous entry, about mistaken identity, that you all have shared with me. It seems that cars are the most mistaken item though, not shopping carts. Thanks to all of you for the laughs, and for laughing WITH me.

Now for all the finds from this week. This is from Canton and Garage sales all combined. I must say that Canton was not only hot and uncomfortable, but also unimpressive this month. As we say down her in Texas Country, it was "slim pickins". but here are my combined finds, and I'm pretty pleased all around.

Many of these items will be for sale, so feel free to inquire. Some I've already put prices on. I can't ship really large items, but I can do the smalls easily.

This great old rocker, If I can't sell it, there are lots of great parts there.
Lantern on a hook and wonderful old wooden top rolling stool.

This great old chippy green screen door, and glass-less triple window frame. It was cheap and I couldn't pass it up, even though I have plenty of old window frames. I'll do something with it.

Printer's type tray, also a deal I could not refuse, Old porcelain heater
rusty metal box, Barbie trailer (will be on ebay) old mail box.

lightning rod
(19.00) , arrow, metal ornamental pieces $5 for smalls, and $10 for larger ones,old ceiling lamp (ebay), extension cords (always could use more of those)

Misc smalls

close up of an unusual shuttle ($25.00)

The red price tags are $5 ea (Sold) if you are interested
Weathered bird/bowl for outside $10.00 (Sold)

Palm aluminum tree branches in that old rusty metal box (5.00 for the box).

Chippy weather vain (not for sale at this time)

Here's a cute item. Too small for me, but I couldn't resist. (not sure if I'm gonna sell it)
It's a belt made out of tire inner tube, bottle caps and seat belt buckle.
I'm thinking of making it into the strap of a purse.

What a cute idea. Is this one of yours Cammie?

that's about it, hope you all have a great junkin haul.
Woo Hoo Garage Sale Season has started!!!!


ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie said...

Tons of great stuff, Margo! I'm happy for garage sale season to start as well! Now, if only the temperature would get above 50 degrees!

Cammie said...

It is not mine, but I do like the intertube/seat belt idea! I might have to go to a junkyard and start looking for seat belts. I love the lightning rod arrow too. Might have to get that for myself!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I read the same thing on other blogs, but I some how managed to find a few great things in Canton!

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