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Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy memorial Day, and Thanks going out to all our soldiers, past & present.

I know you are probably getting stick of guest room updates, but here is one more.
I solved the headboard and bed skirt problem. For a bed skirt, I purchased 3 yds of cream burlap at Walmart, and simply tucked it under the mattress. I really liked Deb's idea of layering doilies for a bed skirt.

The headboard is a piece of an old piano that I had in the barn. It was real flakey and chippy, so I had to paint it and then distress it, to keep the flakes from flaking into guests hair while they slept. :)

Here's the unique feature of that medical cabinet

I think it's for a basin to sit in. I've got to find one the right size. It swings out and back in.

Here's the inside of that white cabinet, that I love. Look at all those cubbies.

Can anyone tell me what this was before it was a vase?

It was a lantern.

Here's a close up of one of my re-purposed lamps. Now I have a story to tell about this one. I originally used one of those great old trouble light cage lamps I got. But the wiring was so old that it short out, with quite a scarey spark. I decided to use it elsewhere, and got this industrial spot at the Home store and just attached it to this old butter churn.

As promised this is how I made the book holder.

Basically I screwed the hinges to a block of wood, about 1" thick and the size of the book. Used some glue to freeze the hinges in an L shape, and slipped the book inside. Then put a hanger on the back wood. The wooden block is not visible because of the frames that i put it all inside.

And I was also asked how I hung my old corbels.

First I screwed a piece of metal strapping tape (found in plumbing dept) to the back of each, curving it a bit. Then I screwed a screw into the wall into a stud, and simply hung the corbel on the screw in the wall.


Vee said...

What a neat idea to use part of an old piano for a headboard! Thanks, too, for the little secrets.

It looks like a room that anyone could enjoy. If you're not careful, you'll have guests every weekend. :D


Great room! I've been coming back to your blog for my daily updates and to be inspired. Is the room booked thru the end of the year?? See you Thursday... Maggie

Joyce said...

Unusual and unique style. I'm lovin it!

Jennifer said...

She is going to LOVE the room. Very impressive.


TinaTx said...

ohhhh - I love the inside of that white cabinet! All those cubbies!!!

misselaineous said...

WOW!!! I love everything about this room. As always, your amazing creativity has come through...with flying colors!! So...are you taking reservations??!! :} *elaine*

Me & My House said...

From your junkin' sista in Hawaii...Alooooha! I wish I could be there in Canton with you all...Ki is so awesome! Love your blog and your site and look forward to seeing more awesome ideas for turning someone's trash into treasure! Thanks for all you contribute!


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