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Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Hardships of Out-of-town-trips

It seems that strange things always go wrong when either my DH is out of town or I am preparing to go out of town. This past week, we have both. DH was in CA and I'm preparing for the Bonanza in MN: The adventures go like this.

I was driving back from Winnie & Tulula's with the trailer, and I had a blow out on one of the trailer tires. Keep in mind Roger is in CA and I have no spare, I am 5 miles from the nearest town (which is very very small), I got out looked at the tire, summed up my options and decided to drive very slowly to the nearest town.

On the way I call Roger to tell him what I'm doing. When I end the call, i go to flip close my phone, and it falls apart. So now not only am I having car trouble, but I have no phone.

I drove 20 mph for about 20 mins , flashers on. Praying the whole way that there would be someone there to help me, and that it would be obvious to me where to go, and that they would stay open (it was almost 5pm) .

When I finally get near the little town, Just as I start seeing some businesses, i see this building with no sign, but lots of tires stacked up outside. Of course I pull right in, and these 2 great guys outfit me with a new/used tire to get me home.
It was amazing, it was like a big flashing billboard saying, turn here, see these guys, they will help.

I Call DH from the repair shop to update him on my progress, when the guys are done I head home without further incident.

I spent Thursday evening getting a new phone, which is still confusing me and I keep refusing calls that I mean to pick up.

Friday I had to have my Air conditioner upstairs worked on

Then I had a trouble light show up in my car. I have a slow leak in a back tire. I have to keep filling it with air and Sunday morning it was as flat as a pancake. Did you know that the tire places are mostly closed on Sunday, Well they are!
I will be leaving this problem for DH to fix while I'm out of town.

Sunday morning, before discovering my very flat tire, DH calls me from CA at 7:30 am. He is at the San Jose airport and has lost his wallet. Now when ones wallet is discovered missing, ones brain goes into fast thinking mode. Do I try to find it or do I start figuring out how to cancel all my cards? How do I cancel my cards without information about the cards, which is in the wallet? But the first order of business was to get through airport security without a Drivers License!!

Apparently they have a procedure for this and he calls me again from the terminal. While I was waiting for him to call me and tell me if he could get on the flight, I'm calling the Hotel, Rental car and restaurant he at ate last night.
Did you realize that lots of places are closed at 7:30 central time on Sunday Morning??? Well they are! Especially if they are on the West Coast. Did you realize that ones brain does not work so well at 7:30 Sunday morning before having one's caffeine. I made lots of notes that I cannot decipher now.Of course all cards have been canceled. And he thinks he knows which place it's at, so we are just waiting for them to OPEN.

Just got a call from DH he is at airport #1 waiting for connecting flight which will get him home at 4:00 today. He has $1.01 in his pocket, and cannot find anything to eat for less than $1.75. Needless to say he is hungry.

Update, He is home more than a hour later than expected, but he's home. On the way to pick him up at the local airport, I got a low tire light on HIS car now. What a mess, and these are not old cars, they are new and are supposed to be in good condition so we don't have to deal with this kind of stuff.
Wallet Update: Found, Yeah!!!!

So to sum it up since Thursday
Blow out on Trailer
Cel Phone breaks
AC goes out in house
Slow leak in tire (s)
Lost wallet in California

Lessons learned
Prayer works!
Get Cel phones upgraded more than once every 5 years
Don't wait till Sunday to get tires fixed
Keep a few of bucks in your shoes at all times :)

I need a VACATION!!!


bec4 said...

What a horrible day. Luckily you have a good attitude about it and can see God's hand on you.

KarenSue said...

This is what blogging is for! We are listening. Now all your bad karma is done. That's a good thing!
Oh ya happy Monday!

Found Around said...

Hope he made it home OK. I thought things like that only happened to us! Surely things will get better.

Shirley said...

Geez! Sounds like what happens around our house at times. My Dad went on vacation and left me his checkbook with signed checks. He told me that there was extra money in case we needed it. Wouldn't you know the next morning our van starter went out and had to end up borrowing money from Dad.

Marge said...

Escape to Minnesota and leave all your troubles behind. See you Thursday!

A Little Of This And That said...

Oh gracious me! I don't think I'll have anything to complain about for a long while. I hope the wallet was found.

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie said...

That's a lot of drama in a short period of time!! Hopefully, your trip to Minnesota will be free of chaos and filled with fun!!


trash talk said...

Are you sure you weren't channeling me and Cat Daddy. Sure does sound like one of our "road" adventures!
Hopefully, that was about a year's worth of bad luck...things will go smoother now! Are we in agreement?

The Red Shed Girls said...

Oh, Margo, Thanks for sharing all that. It so helps for everyone to know that they are not alone in everyday tribulations. We all have them, and we all have the ability for help and comfort from God.
Take care and see you in MSP.

Hayley said...

So sorry you had to go through all that. Good luck with your upcoming shows. Wish I could take a week or so off teaching and see what fabulous things you put together!

TinaTx said...

Whew - you do need a vacation! Hope you have a wonderful 'junkie' time on your trip and hope everything goes just as planned - with no bumps in the road!
Can't wait to see the pics and read all about your trip when you get home.

Gretchen said...

So glad you made it to Minnesota in spite of all you went to shortly before heading out. Was a pleasure to meet you at the Junk Bonanza event and I hope you enjoy your grey hound # necklace for many years to come and it is a fond object of affection for this annual event held in Minneosta.
Hopefully, your trip back went well.

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