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Monday, September 14, 2009

Junk Around the House-Bathroom & Hallway

Today I fly out for the Junk bonanza in Minnesota. I will not have computer access while I'm there, so you'll have to wait until next week for pictures. I'm sure it will be great fun, and I'll have lots of stories to tell when I get back. I've scheduled several entries to post automatically while I'm gone. After all I don't want you all to feel ignored. Here is the first and part of my continuing tour of junk in my home.

If you do a 180 degree turn from the Cottage Corner you see this wall. This is my brag wall where I have many family pictures. I've made 2 shelves out of old ceiling crown molding to add dimension to the display.

Then you proceed into the master bathroom. This is something I made to hang my earrings on. It's simply lace attached to the backs of 2 old frames. The fishook earrings just slip right into the holes in the lace.

And old chippy door, complete with great old hinges, and a glass knob hangs on the wall just above my tub.

We are real proud of this bathroom remodel and did most of the work ourselves. I set the tile floors and the granite tile counter tops myself. The only things we contracted out were the plumbing, and the tape & bed work for the sheetrock. We also had the cabinets ordered and installed but I painted them. We saved a lot of money by doing the work ourselves and you can view the whole process


trash talk said...

Have a safe and wonderful trip. Bring back junk and photos! Did you remember to tuck some extra cash in your bra...just in case?!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Be safe and have fun! Can't wait to see what you bring back, pictures and goodies! ~Mindy

David said...

The earring holders are a great idea. Bet those would work for spinnerbaits too!

Pen Pen said...

Beautiful tile work!! I like the earring holder... I so need to make something like that. It's getting harder and harder to sort out earrings from my jewelry box.

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