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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Junk Around the House-Master Bedroom

Today I am scheduled to help with move in day at the Bonanza. I'm supposed to be helping dealers get registered and get their packets, find their spots etc. Hope to see you there. I'll continue with my Junky house tour, in the Bedroom.
I have definitely surrounded myself with junk in my bedroom.

I've never had built-ins before. But the Master of this house had one. We have lots of book, but I didn't want to just fill it with books alone. So the books keep company with some specially chosen junk and old pieces.

The lamp beside my side was made from 4 spindles. This was one of
Ki Nassauer's past projects.

Under our window I have a table I made from an old cabinet door. with various
junky bits on top and underneath.

My DH made me this faux fireplace. To make the "hole" look real, I used felt, which reflects no light, and adds to the illusion that it is real. I've actually had people say "Oh you've got a fireplace in your bedroom". I place an old rusty heater in the space where the hole should be.
The mantle display is always a work in progress and change. currently I'm using empty frames, and an old gear here. Don't blink, it will change again.


Pen Pen said...

Your "junk" is wonderful. I find it hard to call it junk... LOL. Love the fireplace!

Wraylee said...

LOVE the empty frames and gear on the mantle!

trash talk said...

Great idea with the felt. I have a "fireplace" too and I'm going to try this!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I'm enjoying the tour. Hope you are having fun at the show! ~Mindy

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