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Friday, September 18, 2009

Junk Around the House-Guest Room-Junk Revisited

Some of you have seen this room before. It is my Junked up guest room. When my oldest son moved out, I waisted no time turning his room into my dream junk guest room.
The room has 2 windows and I covered each one with a topper using an old burlap coffee bag, cut in half, and hung by old hinges,
That big thing between the windows is 1/4 of a windmill I purchased in April
The cabinet below is really cool when you open the doors, it is full of little cubbies. I added the feet. I found the rocker at a Garage Sale for $5. The metal candlelier was an item I traded another dealer for. It's a fun piece. And an old shopping cart as a hamper. Wooden gears and a valve handle accessorize the top of the cabinet.

I've had the dresser below for at least 2 years, holding it for this room. I paid $5 for it, and painted it white and then distressed it. The mirror above it I've had for at least 5 years. Framed this-n-that on either side.

The red vanity had no top or front or mirror, I paid $10 for it, I used a piece of masonite, cut to size and decopaged old dictionary pages to it for the top and front piece. The mirror is off of an old medicine cabinet, and I screwed it onto the old mirror frame. Old Corbels (traded with a dealer) hang on either side of the large topographical survey map of Louisiana. The map is a way to cover a huge area of wall, easily. The wall needs some repair from Son #1's hanging of shelves. An ol dressform sports a vintage lace jacket and strands of pearls

Above the bed are parts from old fans. The cabinet on the left is a medical cabinet of some sort. The table on the right was a transmission stand from an old car shop. I attached an old marble top to it and now it's an industrial side table. I made the catch-all on the right from an old ammo box lid, and various hardware, and on the left is an old chippy door, complete with hinges, and knob. The lamps are re-purposed trouble lights. I know I still need a headboard but that will have to wait for now.

I've made some changes since the pic above was taken. I turned an old piece of a piano into a headboard, and changed out the chippy door for an old gate piece.
Making it easy to change what I hang from the old gate without having to put new holes in the wall.

I had so much fun making this room complete from re-purposed items. Even the lamps are re-purposed. I continue to have fun changing and updating it. It's a great backdrop for my junk experiments.
There are lots of little details in this room, so look around the pictures and see what you can find.


Caro's Thrifty Adventures said...

LOVE it!! So unique, so clever! YAY for junk!!!
I love the old fan parts hanging separately!

bucharoo said...

Love it even more now than the 1st time I saw it! Wish you could zoom in on the pictures to get a better look at some of the gee-gaws.
Hope you are having fun at the Junk Bonanza. Can't wait to hear all about it!

elsie123 said...

Very creative, and so much fun!

lala said...

What a creative idea for a headboard - it looks great!!! Guests are going to love this room.

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