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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

MN Excursion #1 with the Red Shed Girls

It was fun to meet up with the Red Shed Girls at the Bonanza.
It's always nice to run into some homies when one is away from home. They were in town to buy of course, but also to scout locations for next year's package trip. On Friday I tagged along (I promised not to slow them down) and we headed for the outskirts. They had been asking questions and doing research to find some fun places to explore.

I had been told about a nifty thing we might find at Menards. You see we don't have a Menards down here. So when we passed one we stopped to see what it was all about.

I think Michelle was in love with the fact that they have food in there. I think she said something like "This is the only place I'd need to shop if we had them in TX"

We also were lucky enough to get a box from their warehouse that was just perfect for the treasures they had to ship home.

One of the first places we went to was Haupt Antiek Market. Deb Haupt was selling at the bonanza so we had already gotten an introduction to her goodies.

The Red Shed Girls are shopping away

Project Alert
Not sure if I saw this at "Haupt" or at the next place "A Cat and the Fiddle Afair"

Look at this unique bowl, It's made from a roll of Admit One Tickets. I have no idea how to do it, but what a fun thing to try.

It is a group of 5 historic houses and 35 vendors.....

Fun stuff in each house, and sometimes a little spooky too.

Love the fact that many of these stores have basement areas as well. Again, we don't have that in TX. I loved this outdoor display.

I saw several of these washer ringers while in MN. they must have loved doing their washing.

This is a fun Chandelier

We also visited the Cottage House, they had already been having their sale for several days, so we missed a lot of the good stuff. I like the thing below and I think it would make a great headboard for a twin bed. But it was too big to ship.

Of course we took a side detour for some Garage Sales.

You can read more about this Friday adventure on their blog here.
Thanks Val and Michelle for letting me tag along.


~*Jenn*~ said...

I love your blog Margo! It makes me want to run to the immigration office and file for a Visa STAT! You guys have way too much fun and find way too many fabulous treasures which makes me super jealous!! But I'm so glad you take the pictures you do so I can live vicariously through your blog LOL


Randi said...

Great blog! Here's a link with instructions for making a ticket bowl:

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