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Monday, September 28, 2009

The Goods

I'm going to take a break from the adventures to show you what I got. I didn't get all of this at the Bonanza but I got most of it there.

I've updated with a special Bonanza Issue. If you've never visited, pop on over and see what is happening.

As you can see my trunk was filling up, and by day 5 I decided it was time to get a box and just see if it could all be packed to be shipped back home.

This is box #1, you can't really see what all is in there. I nested, and filled every empty drawer and spot I could. Each of these boxes ended up weighing just over 50lbs.

Box #2, half full, I filled up the empty spaces with my dirty clothes to add padding.

The boxes arrived last week, and nothing was damaged.

Most of the items above came back with me in my luggage. And yes my luggage was searched. I think those TSA workers were a little baffled.

More smalls I stowed away in my luggage. I just love little metal tags.

My roommate gave me the Paris tags, Thank you Heather.

Drawers, Drawers, Drawers

More Smalls

I love store displays, and look at that double livestock waterer I found at the Medina Flea Market.

Seems like everything was metal

Well almost everything

I'm doing the Window display at Winnie & Tulula's in October, and I purchased lots of fall colored items for that display. Love the blanket in this picture and it will be perfect for the Window.

Love these wooden sculptures made from foundry molds

I found this great chippy pink shelf at the Medina Flea Market, Sunday Morning.

Love this yellow display. After I bought it, I left it at the booth. In my mind it's size began to grow and I was wondering why I purchased something so large. Then I saw it again, and realized it was the perfect, shippable size. It fit perfectly in the bottom of the first box.

Stay tuned for more of my travels, We aren't done yet. I did more shopping in addition to the Bonanza, and tomorrow we begin to travel.


The Whistle Stop said...

Looks like you went home with lots of good treasures! And you found some of those "account file holders",
not really sure what they are called. ??? Have fun with it all. Can't wait to see pic's of your other travels around MN. We traveled to and from in the dark so I didn't see anything else, let alone go anywhere. Maybe next year I'll have to take more time off my day job so we can do some scouting of other places.
Have a good Monday,

Hayley said...

Awesome stuff! Especially all the metal pieces and tags. I want it all! I guess I just need to make another road trip to Texas... Glad you had a good time and came home with lots of treasures!

Tina said...

Well, I guess that leaves no room in your luggage for a stowaway. Sure would like to be along for the ride as many of us would on these junking adventures. Amazing finds.
Blessings and have a great week

Lanette of Cottage Elements said...

Margo, can't believe all the things you got! Wow! You were a power shopper and to think you had to ship it all home. Thanks again for coming! So glad to meet you in person. I'm hopefully coming to Round Top in the spring. You gonna be there? If so, hope to see you then!


Rose Garden Romantic said...

Great finds!!! I have a shelf exactly like the pretty pink one you found, only mine is aqua blue!!

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