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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Parties Parties Parties

There was no shortage of parties and get togethers at this year's Junk Bonanza. When I told folks where I was going, I simply told them it was a junker's convention of sorts.
That seems to satisfy their curiosity. Actually it is very much like a convention. Folks from all over, converge at this one spot to shop and socialize. And socialize we did.
First there was the blog Party

Ki and Matthew Mead did the introductions and welcome

There was lots of visiting

Lots of people took a break from the shopping to come out and visit.

Project Alert
I met Beth Madison of Green Cricket Salvage and loved her film earrings.

Ki's friend Kathie was the gal in charge of hospitality and she was one busy gal.
Here she is manning the drawing hopper, and guess what is used as the hopper?

An old butter churn of course, what else would one use as a drawing hopper.
I actually won an item, and it was the one item I really wanted to win. It was the latest copy of Where Women Create, Signed by Jo herself.

Kathie also had a party at her home on Thursay evening for many of Ki's out of town guests. Kathie has a beautiful home that has no shortage of junky stuff. Good junky stuff.

See that screened porch, that is actually a little guest house in the back yard. The whole thing was beautiful and she was so sweet to open her home to everyone.

Above is L-R Ki, Myself, Serena (Farm Chick) and Jo Packam (Where Women Create)

Below Ki's daughter tells stories of Hollywood life. Seen on the very far left is Emily, Ki's assistant and Right hand gal.

This is mostly the Magazine crew, and I'd imagine they are talking the trade :)
Facing Forward are Jenny Mead, Karla (Ki's Sister) & Heather Bullard
Backs to you are Matthew Mead and Linda MacDonald

As you can see it was quite the social event of the junking season, and I'm so glad I could be a part of it.

More junk next post, including pics of my purchases.

BTW: Ki is keeping a list of bloggers who've made posts about the Bonanza. Be sure to pop over to her blog to read more about this wonderful show. You can leave a comment on her blog to have yours added to the list.


KarenSue said...

Those are all the famous people! Wish I could have been there.

Anne~fiona and twig said...

What fun! Looks like a blast. So nice to "meet" another cool person from Junk Market Style! I love your contributions and will be following your blog. Good stuff here!
All the best,

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