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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

When Junk Calls

My Day started out as any other day. Wake up, Shower, Drive to work, Stop for Sweet Iced Tea, Settle into the "real job", and then it happened.

My Cel Phone rang, I see a familiar name on the ID, Of course I answer it, and It's the call to Junk. My Friend Jodi tells me of a loot of rusty stuff at a pickers place in town. After a quick assessment of the importance of the paperwork vs the junk, I decide I can skip out for awhile and go see what can be found. By now they know at work, that when the junk call comes, I go. I'll make up the paperwork later. After all a girl has priorities.

Just as I arrive at the secret picker location #1, my phone rings again. This time there is a different name and she's got information about more great stuff across town at another pickers location. So I finish my transactions a junk location #1 and head off to location #2. On the way to location #2 I pass location #3, he is not open. I proceed to #2, and find lots of treasures, my car is loaded full and there is hardly room for anything else. Feeling quite happy with myself I head off back to the "day job".

But with all my good intentions I see that now, location #3 is open so I must stop. Paperwork will wait. I find a few more treasures at #3 and then head back to work, feeling very satisfied with my full load.

Yes the paperwork did wait, I did work later and I did finish it all. Was it worth it? You Betcha! As you can see by the pics I got some great stuff. Some of the best items don't even show up too well. That wagon is full of treasures. The green counter thing is really neat up close.
It was a terrific Tuesday.


Nancy @ Ella Elaine said...

It WAS a terrific Tuesday! I love knowing that others share my love for junk. I makes me so happy...

Anonymous said...

Margo..once again your vehicle looks like a gold mine!

:) Jan

Tina said...

It's like you have secret operatives. Good mission and looks like mission accomplished on both the "real job" and the junk passion quest.
Always enjoy your blog posts

Jenny said...

It's so fun to have so much success on the prowl! Congratulations on a fun day. I'm amazed at what you accomplish despite your day job! You sure must have great colleagues :)

Ki said...

Glad to see that you have your priorities right! Junk first, paperwork later! See you at the Bonanza!

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