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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Project 3, Decopage Pumpkins

I told you that you had seen these before. This was one project I was anxious to get going on, as I'm planning to use it in my Winnie & Tulula's window display for This next month.

It was pretty easy, I used a flower/water decopage mixture. coated the paper pumpkins from Michael's. Rubbed with Old English polish and sprayed with clear coat. Then I added some home made springs and that was it. it was a bit messy though.

2 projects next post.


glenda said...

Very, very cute...I would like to try that...thanks for sharing that idea with us...
Happy Fall,

Vickie said...

Margo - once Hayley had to make a mask and so we did it. With gauze however, and we used her face for a model. She looked pretty funny with that thing on her face. We had to leave it for a while until it dried. It was fun getting out of her hair! It turned out great tho! I like your springs.

Barbara said...

Great idea, thanks for instructions, I think I make just try that.


suzeeez said...

I love the look ! Nice job.

Anonymous said...

Margo, if you do this again, try diluting Elmers glue (or any white glue) with water...less great. Love your idea!
:) Jan

Linda's Blue Gate said...

ohmygosh..... I love those..... did you use old book paper? So cute..

junkdreams said...

There's nothing better than getting good and slimy with some papermache, eh!!
Your pumpkins turned out great.
Happy day.

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