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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bonanza Project #2 a little organization please!!!!

I was inspired by the Calendars put together by the Shops of Carver and Chaska with graphics designed by Sara Smith of Seasons in Carver.

The great thing about these calendars they created were the colorful covers. They were made from old Readers Digest Books. I was lucky enough to run a cross a box of books, the first weekend I was back, at an estate sale. Of course I picked them up.

As you can see the covers are beautiful. I modified my design a bit for expense reasons, and I didn't want to be a complete copy cat. I am making mine as organizers.

there are pages for Notes, Thoughts, Goals and even special pages to organize the holidays, with hand stamps for color. I also attached a key as a bookmark.

Their book had color photo's and calendar on high quality glossy paper. Mine is not quite so sophisticated, and I used jute instead of metal rings. I'm liking the result though, and I've already sold 2 at my booth.

The one I made for myself has a few added features. A string and button closure and a label holder.

Thanks Jane and Friends for the inspiration. This is a great project.

What is the next project you ask? We'll you've already seen a picture of it.


The Whistle Stop said...

Very cute, Margo! I like the idea of the key book mark, very clever!
Laurie :)

Anonymous said...

Great Ideas and I love your spin! Your details makes them totally yours alone!
:) Jan

Anonymous said...

These are really cute! I bet I know where you can sell some more!

Jodi said...

That was me!

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