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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bonanza Projects #1 a ROBOLADY

I didn't come back from the bonanza only with stuff, I came back with a head full, and a camera full of ideas. I'm gonna share these one at a time and here's the first.

This project was inspired by one I saw at The Painted Porch's space at the bonanza

Jenny Mead liked this one so much she bought it. As you can see they have a Halloween theme, made with old tin containers with various objects as hat, arms legs etc.

After getting home I began to think what could I use to make one of my own. I remembered this old plastic powder container, with my name on it, that I had been given by my SIL, and the gears began to turn. But what could I use for a head/face? The idea of using old printers type hit me when I was trying to get to sleep one night, and I just had to get up and start working on it.

Can you see the face? My Dh things the 8 is the eyes, but it's actually the mouth.
The I is the nose and the commas are the eyes.

I began to see that lots of combinations were possible.

I really like the IOU one on the left. I may switch out the one I made for this one.

I call the one on the bottom right, my Picaso face :)

Well the idea for the ROBOLADY wasn't mine, but the face definitely was. I love it when I have an original idea. It happens so seldom.

I think she looks great hanging out with other bits and pieces in my creative room.

The next project is getting "booked" right now.


junkermidge said...

I love the faces from the combinations of type! So cool. What a great idea you came up with.

Vickie said...

You're so smart and clever, Margo! Sometimes I think you must have little gears in your head, they must be turning all the time! I love your little junkierobotlookingthingies!

Anonymous said...

Margo, you are always thinking! I like the Margo gal you made..but , I also like the other combos too. The one with the "A" on top looks like a witch to me!
Can't wait to see your next creation!
:) Jan

ann at greenoak said...

love your robot lady!!!
thanks for the show looks so good...

trash talk said...

Fun idea and a great way to recycle all the little things! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I'm just getting back into the swing of things around here!

Stacey said...

Hi Margo,
Thanks for showing my Band Aid man!! It was a pleasure to meet you at Junk Bonanza. Love your blog--and all your great ideas.

And love your adaptation!

Stacey Weichert
from The Painted Porch

bucharoo said...

Sweet pink lady. Love the adaptation! That's why I enjoy your blog so much. You have all these terrific ideas!

alice said...

Darling idea! We are so close I keep thinking I will get to you! Well we are closer than Mn. Love all your ideas. I love the pumpkins!
Smiles, alice

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