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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I was so happy to meet a few of my readers and fellow junkers at last weekends show at Winnie & Tulula's. I'm always struggling to describe my space at WT. Customers have a way of describing a space from a refreshing perspective. So I thought I'd share some of the words of these 2 fellow bloggers. I also encourage you to visit their blogs and be blessed by their creativeness .

Red Neck Chic - Robelyn had this to say
"all the way back to Margo's corner of "play with me and make something wonderful!"! Did I say - I GOT TO MEET THE ROBOLADY!!!"
"It was so GREAT to finally meet you Margo!!! I drool and drool over your blog - and then to meet you! I might have suffered from a case of "oh my gosh, it's MARGO!!!" LOL You guys HAVE to get to her and fun to be had FOR SURE!!! Rain gutter cages, faucets, springs...this list could go on and on and on - an absolute imagination stirrin' spot!!!"

Six in one hand had this to say:

I finally had the honor and pleasure of meeting
I bought a great deal of items from her booth.
I have this thing for architectural salvage.
Bolts, springs, rust, and God help me
if there's a doorknob or a faucet around.
Margo had ALLL of that!!!!

I love that pic of the mirror with the booth reflecting in it. Both of these ladies did great reviews of the show on their blogs and believe it or not, they talked about more than just my space. ;)

They have beautiful pics and comments about many of the dealers at Winnie & Tulula's. I am truly blessed to be part of this wonderful group of gals (and guys).

A special Blogger Thank You to both of you for your kind words, and it was true honor to meet you.

Remember Judy Hill's sale on Thursday, Be there or Be Square, See post below for details.


Prior said...

Hey, just wanted to let you know I am a fan, too! I look on your site the things you create!! I've seen you a couple of times at W & T's. I posted pics of what I bought there Friday night. Lezlee


trash talk said...

All true Margo...all true. Your booth is the playpen of W&T's and I guess mine is the holding pen! I love how we all gathered up there and just shot the fat!

Vickie said...

Margo, I'm glad I came over. I've been wanting to get over there since ya'll opened. I love your booth - how fun it would be to sit your stool in the middle of it all with a little worktable. You'd never have to get up. Just reach out and pick something to work on. All kinds of ideas right at your fingertips! It was fun. I would have stayed longer to visit and formulate ideas in my own head, but you know the guy that brought me over there was sitting in the truck after about 15 minutes. He just doesn't "get it". I was lucky to get him to bring me at all!

W&T's is a magical place. I know you love it over there. And I love your "imagine" photo - did you do that or did your son? Anyway, good to see you and meet some of your buddies and see all the wonderful, delightful JUNK at W&T's!!!

Six in One Hand said...

It's still a honor to meet you and play in your booth.
I'm posting some pics of my finds today.
I'm still in love with that imagine mirror...might have to come by and pick it up on my next trip.
You totally deserve an awesome review because you are just that....awesome.

red.neck chic said...

Hmmmmm..... OF COURSE we had to write about you!!! You are like... the "imagination feeding" guru of gurus!!! Thank You for that!!! You get me goin' so much I have projects spread all over my house...I wouldn't change a single thing about that!!!

Thanks Again! It was so great to finally meet you!!!

;-) Robelyn

Miss G said...

oh I have those letter cards too! So fun! Kelly

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