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Friday, January 22, 2010

Give away delay-due to FIRE!!!!

OK, So I'm setting up my photography area to snap a pic of my give away items. I have these fancy light kits with umbrellas on them, that belong to my hubby, that I use for taking pics. I decide I only need the one, but when I turn on the power strip they both come on. I leave one umbrella folded, and just use the other one. I turn my back to get something out of the closet and I start to smell something burning. As I turn to see where the smell is coming from I see one of the light umbrellas in flames!!!!!!

I yell, "Fire, Fire Extinguisher" repeatedly , as I run down the hall trying to remember where it is, as my husband runs in puzzled. Of course he runs for the extinguisher and I'm right behind him. He gets the fire out toot sweet, it took about a minute for the umbrella to catch fire, and about 30 seconds for us to put it out. It all happened so fast, I'm feeling very stupid, and I'm left with this.

No filter on the lens that is the powder and smoke still in the room
Windows are open, fans are going, it's all quite exciting!!! ;(

Now something you must know is that when you use a Fire Extinguisher, the stuff inside gets on everything. So now there is a layer of powder on everything in my guest bedroom, including the give away items.

So give away delayed for at least a day while I clean up the mess, and assess the damage.
Right now it does not look like there is any fire or smoke damage to the house, just the light kit.
And lots and lots of dust.
It smells awful in there!!!!!

Oh the drama never ends!!!!!


Simply Me Art said...

My Gosh, How Scary is that! Thank God you smelled it and saw it before it got worse. Must have Scared the life out you. Glad you all are ok, Stupid light. Jamie

The Whistle Stop said...

Glad it was no worse, Margo! Drama always seems to find us too. Hang in there!

Linda said...

Oh no! At least you and hubby were able to put it out quickly! What a mess it leaves. Just glad it wasn't worse!

Marge said...

Oh what a mess! So sorry to hear, but I'm glad no one was hurt and your house wasn't damaged, either. Bad light, bad light.

trash talk said...

And thankfully no pumpkins were harmed!
Seriously, I truly am glad y'all weren't hurt or your home. A big sigh of relief!
I think I need to see where I put my fire extinquisher come to think about it.

icandy... said...

Thank goodness that was all that was damaged~ that could have been devastating!
Try to have a wonderful, relaxing weekend...

Vickie said...

Oh Margo - how scary! And in the house! Thank the Lord - it could have been BAD!!!

Hey, you're not the arsonist that's been setting fire to all the churches around here are ya? Sorry, bad joke, couldn't resist...shame on me....

Andi's English Attic said...

Oh that's SCAREY. How quickly fire can take hold. Hope your room recoveres quickly.
If nothing else, I think this post has reminded us all to check our smoke detectors today. xx

time-worn interiors said...

Good grief girl, you luck sounds like mine! Glad you are ok!

TinaTx said...

OMG! Glad it didn't catch anything else on fire!
I'm sure you have plenty of clean up - those things make a mess, but at least it saved you from a much larger mess!

Dawn said...

Oh, how scary, i can only imagine the mess. Lucky nothing else was damaged.

Kelli said...

Margo, I just found your blog yesterday and LOVE IT! You are so talented and inspirational! I'm glad you had an angel looking out for you because this could have been really bad, at least it's only clean up!

Vee said...

Very scary stuff... Your hubby was very sure and quick thinking to get to the fire extinguisher. Thank Goodness you're all okay and your house is still standing. (I guess I'd never thought about what was in those extinguishers.)

Barntiques said...

Sorry you had to go through this, but thanx for sharing. I am sure that you will have saved some of us just by hearing your experience. Glad it is all ok.

The Red Shed Girls said...

Oh My Goodness! There is never a dull day at your house!
Glad it was contained.

red.neck chic said...

LOL Margo - I'm so sorry that happened to you!!! I have all kinds of tips and techniques for you about cleaning fire extinguisher dust... tell me what issues you have and I will give you solutions!!!

I am so glad it wasn't worse!!! I have extra extinguishers as well if you need a replacement!!!

:-) robelyn

Ki said...

My! It could happen to any of us...thanks for the reminder to be careful...blogging can be dangerous!
Miss you,

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Oh NO! I can hear you calmly saying "Fire. Fire Extinguisher!" Ha! I'm so glad this story ended with white stuff everywhere and no major damage. Whew! But, your pictures do always look good! haha ~Mindy

Jill said...

How scary! I have such a respect for electricity and fire--from close calls--nothing though as scary as what you just described.

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