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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Scored a bunch of Letter Press Wooden letters

The call to junk came on Saturday. One of my picker friends, had a load for me to look through and I got this great haul of old letterpress letters.
Over 200 in all.

I can now make these letter press pendants in almost any letter

Letter can be 2.50", 2", or 1.25". I'll make these as they are ordered, and they can be shipped within a week.
I'll be adding a bead as shown depending on the size of the letterpress piece you choose. Larger pieces get larger beads, smaller ones get smaller beads. Finished pendant will be very similar to the one shown. (shown pendant not available).

This is for pendant only, these are easily added to any necklace or pearls, with an easy on and easy off clasp.

Just $25 each plus 2.50 shipping

email me if you are interested, email link is on side bar.

Oh and of course I made my new banner above out of some of these great letters.
I'm lovin it, hope you like it too.


Linda said...

Great find, Margo- and I love the new header!

Nathalie Thompson said...

The upcycled necklace is amazing! Great find. Are you keeping any for your self? ;)

Prior said...

When I was growing up my momma wrote the local paper and in back, no longer used, was the old press with stacks and stacks of letters in type cases. It really could have been a museum. I played in it all the time. Those letters hold sweet memories.

Uncovered Ruby said...

What a fantastic find! They make a great picture. Lisa :-)

lynda Howells said...

HI..l am SO jealous that you have all those letters. I collect and use them in my art and journalling work. They are not easy to find in England...what a fun, well done. I managed to find an old typecase the other day, the man was throwing it out. i asked him if he had anymore and sayed he through a lot out last week!!!what a waste!!

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