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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Some Recent finds

As I'm sure you all know, it's been slim pickins out there recently. I can't wait for the weather to warm a bit so folks will start having garage sales again. In Addition to the wonderful lot of old printers type from the last post, I have picked up a few other fun things recently.

I found the great old brown dress form above to go with my other one. The brown one is adjustable and came with her original manual.

This is an unusual find. Its some sort of store display, that latches onto just about any table with a ledge.

See it screws from underneath to make it strong.

And I got a whole box of these old greyhound domino's that I'm making pendants out of. I'm rubbing them with paint to bring out the design and soldering around the edges.

See that wonderful running greyhound.

And now here's a sleeping greyhound.

Which do you think they do more of, run or sleep?
The answer may surprise you

Sleep of course. They are nicknamed the 45 mph couch potato.

Did you know that when a greyhound runs, they are actually flying through the air at 2 points in their stride. Once when their legs are spread out like in the domino above and once when their legs are brought back in for the spring to the next stride.


Kari said...

Love the attached holder thingamig!:) I'm lucky, I live in Phoenix so I'm in prime garage saling right now. Soon you all will be joining me, its warmer up here and that always mean its your turn next.

Jamie said...

I think you've had some fabulous finds! Wow, I have never even seen a dress form in a store for sale, and I love those greyhound dominos. I love your real greyhound too...sweet, sleepy puppy!

Jeanette said...

What great finds, and such intersting information about greyhounds. I have always found them to be so regal looking.

Six in One Hand said...

loving the table thingy!!!

I didn't know that about greyhounds.I love to learn useless info...your finds are awesome!!!

Traci said... the Greyhound domino! I would really like to purchase one when you get the pendants made & ready to sell. I have 2 Whippets & many years ago owned & fostered Greyhounds. What a wonderful group of dogs.

Hayley said...

Hi Margo! I wanted to tell you how great it was to see you featured in the Flea Market Style magazine. I loved the whole issue and strangely enough, I felt like I had my own brush with your celebrity having purchased several pieces from your space at W & T last summer! :) One of those pieces, a cream and rusty light fixture, will be in our local paper this weekend when our house is the Home of the Week. There are pictures on my blog--your piece is on a tray on my island with a vase of hydrangeas. Can't wait to take another trip to H-O-T Texas this coming summer, maybe even Spring Break. You all have got the goods down there!

Linda said...

Love your new header! Very nice look! Love that you found another dress form!

Necel said...

Great finds but my favorite thing is the lace cami on the dress form. Love that!

Necel from the Old House in Texas

trash talk said...

It sure is slim pickin's out there, but you managed to get some great finds!
Love the new pendants.

Vickie said...

Hey girl - fabulous finds indeed! Me, too! I'm ready for some good sales - they ought to pick back up pretty soon!

Those are neat greyhound necklaces, but I think I like the last greyhound pic BEST!

Crystal said...

I am absolutely ready for garage sale weather. It has been slim pickin here too, but I was able to find a brown dress from too. It has some water stains on it though, I can't decide if I like them or if I should try to get rid of them.
Those greyhound dominos are a fabulous find. Soldering around the edges really adds a great touch. Your greyhound look so sweet :)

Have a blessed week.

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I love that puppy. The necklace is great! ~Mindy

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