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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Old Table-New Look Continued

Here you can see it is completely painted, one coat only. Then I took the belt sander to it and roughed it up. The areas that still had varnish sanded a bit different than the areas we had stripped. Oh well, that's why we call it shabby right?

Then I took some dark walnut stain, and rubbed it on then wiped it off to give it this aged look.

I'm currently still varnishing it and it's looking good. more pics when I return from Round Top/Warrenton Flea markets.

In case you are wondering what Round Top/Warrenton is. It's a huge flea market type antique show that occurs twice a year here in Texas. People from all over the country travel to this show and It's been written about in many magazines.It is located roughly halfway between Houston and Austin, Texas.

I have never been, (I know it's an abomination) but have heard lots about it. I'm always asked about it, so I need to go experience it for myself. I'll be on the road really early for the 4 hr drive and then I'll shop and visit all day. Spending the night in a nearby town to wake up and shop some more and drive home on Friday.
It will be a whirlwind, and I'm looking very forward to it.
Illness, weather, and mother nature have conspired to keep me away, but

I hope to report back what I learn and see while I'm there. I'm prepared to have my socks knocked off. Packing my anti-fatique shoe inserts and lots of Advil, and of course wet wipes.
If you want more info go to this web site, it's got the complete 411.

Here are a few Blogger Dealers that I will be visiting while there
Teresa Cano Garden Antiques
Debbie & Danny York, Talking Trash
Mindy of Primitiques
Gloria of Sweet Pea Collection
Virgins Saints & Sinners

And I hope to see and meet many more friends, both old and new.


Tami said...

Have a great time in Warrenton!!

the thrifty ba said...

i thank that table looks better everytime we see it!

Dawn said...

Omigosh, I'm so glad that you are going to Warrenton, I want to take my Mom there in September, and I'm so overwhelmed by it, I don't know why! To me, it seems like Canton times five!!! I will be really interested to see your opinions on how long it would take to stay there, and feel like you "did" it, rather than just scratching the surface... I'm so excited for you!

Barb said...

love your table,I so want it....Barb

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