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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Getting ready for the Gresham Barn Sale & some new finds

It seems that I find a way to "junk" every day. And this week I'm also very busy pricing and cleaning stuff for the upcoming Gresham Barn Sale Next Week.

This is my load of smalls, Washed and priced and ready to load

A few things stacked out by the trailer ready to be loaded

Remember these rockers, they will be there.
And these 2 wicker pieces if I ever get them painted. I started to change them from black to white, but the white just wouldn't cover, so back to black we go.
I Think I've used over 6 cans of spray paint.

And stuff is stacked inside as well, Lots of burlap pillows
And displays too. The display below is to show samples of the letterpress printers type pendants I make. Folks will be able to choose their letter, and get their pendant within 10 days. You can order one here

They fit on any chain or pearl string with my scroll hook design

And even with all the pricing work I've worked in time to do some junking.

Found this great chippy bench Monday, and the metal round stand last week

Fun old retro lamps and trouble light cages to be washed, Thank you to my friend Anita, who is always on the look out for things I like.

Look at this wonderful metal box with drawers, Still needs to be cleaned up.

Today's finds, A wonderful old mirror and Seafoam green stool

This week
Sunday, Canton and Easter dinner with Family
Monday, met with pickers in nearby town, found great stuff
Wednesday Another picker in the evening, more good stuff &
Work on booth during the day
Thursday-Estate Sales and Garage Sales
Friday-More loading and pricing and I'm sure sales in the morning.
I'm sure I did something on Tuesday, I just can't remember what.
And did I mention that I have a "real" job????

Whew!!! Lovin every minute, and especially sharing it with all of you.

See you at the Barn Sale next week.


Sue said...

Wow, you are a busy lady, but isnt it great when we are doing something we love!
I wish I could visit your sale, there is so much Id love to bring home!

Glenda said...

What an amazing assortment of junk..good junk..junk that had me sitting here with hand in chin just looking and absorbing, or trying to...
I would like to have one of the pendant letters, how much do you get for them...have a great show.

Debbie P. said...

Oh I just love all your stuff! You always find the neatest things; looks like you could have your own barn sale! I hope you sell everything!

Gresham Barn Sale said...

Bring it on!!!! See you tomorrow!

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