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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What I got at Round Top

I just realized that in all my posts I've only shown a small bit of what I brought home, so here are some more pics of my treasures.
The picture above was taken at First Monday yesterday, I just loved this trailer and had to share it with you.

Cash Register Clip Panels I got 3,
Below Architectural pieces, and metal bins for display

Above, Industrial Foundry Molds, and More Bins below.

I said "no more chicken feeders", but yet I brought one home anyway.
That dust pan is pink, and wonderful, and on ebay this week.

Stool, hose reel, & dust pan, were purchased at the estate sale mentioned in the prior post.

Some smaller fun items. Those humming bird things, are old bakelite shade pulls.

Enamel signs from Germany

Greyhound Hood Ornaments,
I don't think Gigi, is too impressed.

More metal dogs, and some old 8mm movies. All on Ebay this week.

Ceramic Sign letters, I got all those O's because I thought there might be a project for ceramic circle. And the black letters spell out BOO for halloween next year.

The C, U, and N are on ebay this week.

Well that is most of my haul, as I said before, I had a great time.

Many of these items will be appearing on my Ebay now or very soon, so check it out, or feel free to email me about anything you see. My email link is on the side bar.

And Don't forget, The Gresham Barn Sale is coming up real soon

Click here for more info


Angela said...

Wonderful goodies..oh I did love that trailer...that was red!!!

David said...

Very nice finds! I like the greyhound hood ornaments.

Farmchick said...

I do love your purchases. I especially love that trailer! Wishing I could have one of those myself.

CountryBlessings@Lakewood said...

All great goodies! The trailer makes me smile...the only way to travel in style!

Vickie said...

Your title was "What I got" and the first thing I saw was that cute trailer. I thought OMG(osh)! Margo got herself a cute little trailer!!!

Well, you still got some cool stuff - love the dustpan. I'm sorry you didn't get your chairs - they were way cool. See ya 'round!

Linda said...

LOTS of great finds, Margo- just love them!

Station 521 said...

Hey, are those clips going to be for sale, and if so how much? Great show, wish I was closer!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I am loving the table that the pink dustpan is on. Very cool! And all the dogs are great. Love em! ~Mindy

Wendy said...

Great haul! Do you have any other Bs?

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