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Monday, April 5, 2010

Round Top Story-The ones that got away

I'll complete my reporting on Round Top with this last, sad sad story.

On my way back to the fields from my hotel on Friday morning, I followed a sign to an estate sale.
I saw some old metal chippy furniture on the lawn, and walked right by it knowing I had no trailer and no way to buy it if, by some small chance, it was priced reasonably. I proceeded towards the garage and then into the house to find a few goodies. Then after checking out I casually walked past these wonderful chairs and my jaw dropped.

Chairs only $10 rocker $20. Now the pic is not good as it was taken with my phone, but you can see their wonderful shape. They are metal, and were just the right amount of rusty, and chippy white too.

And there I was with no trailer, and no room in the car.....what to do?

I pick up my phone and call my friend Gloria of Sweet Peas... no answer. I wait, I call again... no answer. I decide to hang my head in despair and head down the road.

Abount 10 mins later, Gloria rings me back. Her suggestion is that I turn around, pay for them, and come back for her van. Sounds like a plan and off I go.

As I arrive back at the sale, I see them still sitting on the lawn, my heart races, adrenalin is flowing! I walk up and see the tags still on them, I look around for the worker, I catch his eye, and wave him over. "I'll pay for these now and come back with a van later today" I say, as he looks bewildered, and confused. I am waving the masking tape price in my hands as I'm talking.

At that exact moment, a woman walks out of the house and says "my Mother and I just bought those". Then the worker states in frustration "I can't keep track of all this" shaking his head. My heart sinks, I'm sure my expression was that of great despair, what can I do but walk away, heart in hand.

As I relate this story again and again all day to various vendor friends, my story ends this way.
I didn't get the chairs, but I got a story and the story was free. :)

Always look at the bright side!!!!!!


Shelley said...

I have known that same is good to think positive of such times...I always tell myself it was not meant to be...have a blessed week Margo...Shelley

NuminosityBeads said...

At least you got the photos! Maybe you could use the images in a collage or something so you could still "have" them somehow!

Angela said...

oh my..I want to cry for you....Those were beautiful....well like you said, you got the story at least, lol.

Debbie P. said...

Darn! So close! Those chairs are killer! But just remind yourself of all the cool things you do get. (you could also blame Gloria; it's all her fault for not answering! haha! definitely just-kidding!)

raggygirlvintage said...

Oh, that's too bad! So hard to live with the ones that got away...I bet we all have a similar story to tell:-)

Linda said...

AHHHHH that is a very SAD story!! I also tell myself just not meant to be when I miss out on something, still I'm sorry!!

Amy Kinser said...

So sorry. I bet you will find some better for even cheaper somewhere else real soon. We'll think that at least, ok?

SecondHandRosie said...

Oh, Man! I feel your pain! I still see visions of a huge, ornate, white birdcage out front at the thrift store. I made my Dh SCREECH to a halt. Check the tag - $8.00! I run in with the money in hand, only to be told that the lady meandering around the store looking had just paid for it.

Knew of her, checked her antique booth the next day and it was $125.00! LOL

They ARE beautiful chairs, but I guess that's no consolation!

Red Shed Girl said...

Michele and I saw those chairs in a vendor's booth and they were marked 2 for $110.00. I was trying to talk MM into tying them on the top of the car for that price! Oh my GOSH, I can't believe you almost got them for $10.00!

creekside rummager said...

OMG - those chairs are SO cute. I'd have been crushed. You did so well to try to look at the brighter side. It is a good story.

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