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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More Baby Birds

A few weeks ago I was watering this plant
And out flew something... It happened so fast I didn't even know what it was.
Then I noticed that pile of deris there on the left and grabbed it to clean up the plant. I quickly realized it was a nest. Inside were 3 little eggs
click pictures to enlarge

I carefully returned the nest to it's place and left it alone. Mom did come back and she has been tending her nest quite nicely and today finally, I saw some little bird babies.

I have no idea what kind of bird I'm dealing with. Mom is small, and has some rusty color on her. She's quick and leaves whenever I come near. I'll see if I can get a pic of her sometime as she feeds her babies. I love watching baby birds mature and look forward to sharing this one with you as I did the cardinals.

On another note, my beloved Greyhound Gigi is under the weather. The Vet has no idea what is wrong with her. Exam, blood work, and xrays show no problems. She is very lethargic and just lays around, very much not in her character.
She recently had her yearly shots, heartworm preventative and flea treatment. I'm just wondering if it's a reaction to one of those. I'm very concerned for her.
Please if you are one who prays for sick animals, please lift her up, she's too young to be leaving us just yet. Update: she appears to be feeling a bit better as of this afternoon. I hope she's on the mend.


Vickie said...

Awww, poor Gigi. I hope she gets better. My mom's dog had a reaction to some of her vaccines. They had to start breaking them up and giving them a few weeks apart. She didn't feel good either. Can you give Gigi some Tylenol? Call the vet and see if you can & how much... And I do pray for animals - they are God's creatures after all.

lisa said...

Oh the birds are adorable..I will keep Gigi in my prayers..I don't know what kind of heart worm and flea treatment you use, the one I use with my dogs does the same thing to only one of my dogs..It's a pill form given once a month and she acts like her tummy hurts for a few days.. I wish I didn't have to do that to her. Gigi is adorable and again she is in my prayers..Lisa

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Margo, I'm so sorry Gigi is not feeling well, I will keep her in my prayers!!! I love those sweet baby birds.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Margo, the birds are too cute. I sure hope your sweet Gigi did't get into any kind of poisen, did they check for this. I'll be hopeful your girl will be ok!

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie said...

Hugs and prayers for Gigi!

A Pretty Pastime said...

The baby birds are so sweet :-)

Poor Gigi! My dogs always had a reaction to flea/tick medication which made them listless and caused them to lose their appetite. Now I make my own unless we would happen to have an infestation (which hasn't happened yet-knock on wood). I am sending positive thoughts for Gigi. Please don' give her Tylenol though---it's not good for our fur babies.

Sentimentally Me said...

Oh goodness! Here's hoping your sweet Gigi gurl will be okay. THey are our babies aren't they? Especially when the kids grow up. Keeping her in my prayers, and those sweet baby birdies, too!! LOVED watching the Cardinals on your blog, thanks for sharing!

Tamarah said...

Margo I'm sorry Gigi's feeling unwell....It's awful when our furry babes are feeling poorly isn't it....If only they could let us know what we need to do to help....Prayers are a given....!!

The baby birds are ADORABLE & I can't wait to see them as they mature....!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)

Red Shed Girl said...

Margo, I have a kitty that gets really sick every time she gets her shots. Now they pre-medicate her with a shot of benadryl and she does a lot better.
I PRAY FOR ANIMALS, and I will for your sweetie pie!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Sweet little birds. I look forward to more photos. Poor Gigi! I hope she is better soon. She is in my prayers!

Kudzu said...

well, poor ol' baby...i hope she feels a lot better soon!

Vee said...

Glad that she is already feeling better. Yes, I am one who prays for animals. I think God cares about all creatures.

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