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Monday, June 28, 2010

Using Old Photo's around the house

I just love old B&W photo's, Many old photo's are very very interesting, and it's fun to imagine what these people were like. Old Photos don't sell well, but I think that is because folks don't actually know what to do with them.
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First the Disclaimer, "I'm not a decorator I just play one on my blog"

Part of the secret to using old photos choosing the right picture

In the example above, I've taken a wonderful wedding portrait and just propped it into a vignette in a basket.

I love group shots, this group of graduating nurses above my toy-let is perfect
And covers a large blank area, in an odd place

You often don't have to frame them. Many old pics are mounted on cards and prop right up on anything. The cream and sepia tones are perfect for today's monochromatic decorating. They work well with the "all white" decor or even a colorful Fall color palate.

Put them at the back of a dark bookshelf, to lighten it up. The picture above has an actual family member in it. It's always fun if the pic is a family pic, but not necessary.

Because my husband is very much into genealogy. I would suggest that if you are using pictures that are not family members that you mark them as such on the back. I also suggest that you mark all photo's on the back. Using a pencil is always good, or a post-it note.

Instant relatives are what I've heard these old cabinet photo's referred to as.
The one above rests in an old phone niche. It's also of family significance.

I'm sure old photo's can have many more uses. Use them for decoupage, copy them for unique greeting cards or just collect them. Admire the old clothing or simply laugh at it. Be glad we don't corset any more and that hair styles have evolved :)

They are great for Halloween, if you can find a particularly scary one. Many are scary because the subjects were not smiling, and were dressed somewhat macabre by today's standards.

What do you do with old Photos?

7 comments: said...

Love what you have done with your vintage photos. I have done a blog on this subject too. They are so much fun to decorate with:)
Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

the thrifty ba said...

i have many old photos of my italian family so when i threw a lunch for the teachers at my school this year, it was italian and i brought tons of my famly photos! the teachers loved them, esp the ones who had/have had my kids in their class. i loved showing them off!

Nank said...

I have a collection of Stereoptic Viewers and Views, binoculars, opera glasses, cameras, etc. and I have a photo from the graduating class of Midwestern Optic University (which is printed across the top) proudly displayed with them. Then I also found a book with the name Oliver Optic's Stories and I get all kinds of compliments. When my kids were little we couldn't afford the hundreds of dollars to have professional portraits taken so every time I found an old photo for $4.00 or $5.00 or less of two boys and a girl I bought it. I amassed 27. All my friends LOVED it. I use old pix ALL the time. The history and charm they bring to a home is unexpected and welcome.

Prior said...

I love old photos, I have a bunch of my on family, too. Love the nurse one in the bathroom, especially placing it where you did...I love all your unique pieces.

trash talk said...

I buy them because it just seems sad no one in the "real" family wanted them.
I love what "Skip To My Loo" does with them. She uses them to enhance her jewelry for sale.

Amy Kinser said...

I've got old photos around my house everywhere. Thankfully, my paternal grandmother kept photos for years and years and years. And...thankfully, they were passed down to me.

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

I'm with Debbie....I started picking old photos up out of the Hard Rubbish because it just seemed so sad someone had turfed them out on the street without a care....!!

I LOVE how you've incorporated yours into your decor Margo....I'm thinkin I might place some of my 'instant rellies' to my hutch & cabinet in our living area....!

Tamarah :o)

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