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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weekend Finds and Winnie & Tulula's Sidewalk Sale

Well guess what folks, I had to take my old camera to the WT sidewalk sale and couldn't use the good one. And my little camera decided to die and I couldn't get any pics of the sale. But I will import some over as soon as Mindy, Robelyn, Angelique and others decide to post theirs.

I will say it was a wonderful sale. There were lots of great things on the sidewalks and inside. Food and drink were flowing and we all had a wonderful time. It is so nice when I get to meet fellow bloggers, exchange hugs and talk about our projects. Several of us were swooning over our official purse maker Robelyn. Her purse creations are wonderful. She designs her own ptterns, and they are all named after people in her life. There is an official Margo bag now I can't wait to share it with you. I sent her a list of all my pet peves about purses, and she designed one just for me. I can't wait to get it. She also delivered one to Mindy that was Western Fabulous, Also can't wait to show you. Oh I hate it that my camera was on the fritz.

Because I say it's a big fauxpaux to have a blog post without a photo,
here are pics of my weekend finds, before the sale and before the camera broke.

Remember Spirograph? This one is complete except for the 4 colored pens. I was showing it to DH and he said "save it for the grandkids". Now mind you, my boys are not even married yet so I'll be saving it for awhile, but I will save it. Maybe even play with it too.

That little thing that says made to measure is an old display case of some kind.

And I have a thing for old yard sticks these days.

Love this sign, I'm keeping it for my office

This old drying rack is cool. there are actually 2 layers each with 3 poles.

A dealer friend is downsizing her shop and was selling stuff off at 50%. I scooped up a bunch. Did you find anything good this weekend?


Linda said...

Great finds and I can't wait to see the photos and the purses!

Diane Costanza said...

I love the little red table. I immediately zoom in on anything red or robins egg blue. A weird combo, i know. You have some great finds. I played with my older brother's Spirograph. That brings back some great memories.


Red Shed Girl said...

If you find another Spirograph, get it for me!! I LOVED those! Great to see you this weekend, it was really a fun sale inside and out.

Nank said...

It's okay to have a "thing" for old yardsticks as long as you save my favorites for me ;)! HAHA!

Nancy in AZ

Tamarah said...

BUMMER about your camera Margo....! FAB finds though especially the yard sticks, Public Typist sign, side table, spirograph, Vintage Santa, made to measure box....ummmmmmm....Did I miss anything....hahahahaha....!

Tamarah :o)

Tamarah said...

Oh the yard sticks I LOVE YARD STICKS....How did I miss those....!!

Kudzu said...

great stuff...i remember my spirograph! we probably lost the pens the first week :D i love that red table......and the public typist sign,too!

TinaTx said...

I had a Spirograph! I'm sure it went into a garage sale at some point - just like the Barbie dolls and other things I now wish I still had. :(
Glad the sale was a success - wish I could have made it.
Bummer about the camera.

Prior said...

I posted a few pics of the sale... Lezlee

Anonymous said...

My daughter found a travel spirograph a couple of weeks ago at a yard sale and all the neighborhood kids are jealous. These are, of course, the kids with hundreds of dollars tied up in video games. She loves it!

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