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Friday, August 6, 2010

Workspace Change-done

Remember my inspiration picture?

Well turns out the table in that pic is over $500.00. I never really considered buying it, but I wouldn't for that price. I headed out to the barn and found these items.

This old desk was a freebee. I've used it for display, we've used it as a paint station, and we've considered it for the burn pile. I decided it was time for it to become useful again. I removed the top, flipped it over and painted it. Then distressed and finally a poly coat.

For the base, an old transmission stand that I had. It's also had several incarnations over the year and a half I've had it. But it was perfect for this job. Fully height adjustable, and oh so industrial. 2 screws secure the top to the stand.

I had the shelves they are extras from the bookshelves that you see on either side. I had to buy the brackets to hold the shelves. Total cost $20.00 for this makeover.
It's much tidier and I love the look. It gave me an opportunity to dust all my components, and get rid of stuff I wasn't using that was just "stored" in the old cabinet.
I love a clean slate.

This is a neat little clipboard. You adjust the month by sliding the numbers to line up right with the days. It's perpetual.

I use an old industrial welding station as an inbox.

I'm happy with the result, and especially the price tag.
Now if I could just tidy up those bookshelves, but most of those books aren't even mine. ;/

Have a great weekend.

See this post for a before picture.


Z.J.Ascensio said...

Awesome! It's better than the picture. Great job. :)

The Whistle Stop said...

Wow... you're quick! It looks great and a I love the shelves on the wall verse on the desk in the inspiration picture! Good job!

Farmchick said...

Quite a transformation and looking good!

Donna said...

What a beautiful transformation! It looks so much better than that stuffy cabinet!

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Very cool! It has the same feel as the photo, but it's better!

Prior said...

Love it and the price is just right, too! It makes me feel good, when I can use what I have!

Tamarah said...

Margo I LOVE IT....That's a bl**dy SENSATIONAL makeover & so QUICK....!!


Tamarah :o)

theoldboathouse said...

Love it! The base is wonderful, cheers Katherine

Anonymous said...

I love the "new" look..isn't it great when we can reincarnate saved stuff again?


Nana's Fun Stuff said...

I have to say that you nailed your inspiration girl! It looks awesome and wow you're really quick! Great job ~ Love how it turned out :)

afistfullofweeds* said...

What happened to the wreath post??? Please please bring it back?? Please?? Oh, Love this desk makeover!!

time-worn interiors said...

Love the base on your new desk! Great job!

Jane said...

I looked at the before picture and what a transformation! The new desk is awesome and looks great with the chair. Love the accessories too.
I've linked some Industrial Chic touches in my home.
Thanks for hosting the party.

Funky Junk Interiors said...

Wow, way cool! Love everything about it. That base is down right amazing.

Happy industrial blogging to you. :)


A Cottage Muse said...

Thank you so much for hosting this party ~ I am a new fan of industrial chic (and your blog)! I love your workspace better than your inspiration photo!!!

red.neck chic said...

I love it!!! The welding station is the COOLEST!!! Good grief - this all makes me want to clean my desk off and start again...

;-D robelyn

Green Willow Pond said...

I love that desk! What a cool base. I have an old sewing stand that I'm thinking might give a similar look. So much inspiration, so little time! said...

I love how that turned out. Great job.


that turned out great. better than the inspirational one

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