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Friday, October 8, 2010

The Ampersand

I don't know what it is about this symbol but I just love the Ampersand (&). The way it twists turns and squiggles and says so much..."and". The possibilities are endless, AND this AND that AND AND AND. It seems I have accumulated an ampersand collection in my office.

This is one of those accidental collections. I found one like it kept it, found another and then another and before I knew it I had a collection, so it was time to find a place to display it. My office (at the pay the bills job) is the perfect place. Typography is such an "office-y" kind of thing. Now keep in mind that this is a work space and has some of the modern office yuck to it, fluorescent lighting, suspended ceiling, filing cabinets and the general office equipment. But I endeavor to junkify it anyway. Since we are here lets look at my other wall too

This is my "exploded clock" wall. I just love my gear molds. I'm enjoying my newly painted walls. The golden color it has warmed up the space and made it more homey for me.

Do you have any accidental collections?


red.neck chic said...

the whole single-wide is an accidental collection. LOLOL

I'm with you though... I have a few "and, and and ands"...

;-D I love the golden color!!!

Gracie's Cottage said...

Love the ampersands and the exploded clock!
Accidental collections...uh yeah.
Toilet pins, ribbons, flags...I guess I would say that everyone of my collections was unintentional and started with the purchase of "just one"!



TruWhim said...

I love your collections. Thank you for sharing.

NuminosityBeads said...

Funny you should ask, I have a collection of vintage metal letters from the Alaska DOT building where i was working building maintenance. It was my job to dispose of the old sign letters. Guess where they ended up? On Etsy and my studio but the ampersand seems the most valuable to me so I've hung on to it!
xoxo Kim

Stephanie said...

Um...I think my garage, guest bedroom, and a few closets could be called "accidental collections". Ha!

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