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Monday, October 11, 2010

Getting it home

I am notorious for not taking my glasses with me when I go garage sale-ing. They are in the car, but I'm already inside by the time I realize I need them. So I do my best to look through the boxes of jewelry and boxes of cool junk, trying my best to see what is in there.

The glasses thing is new with me and I'm still just in readers, but It's at the point where I NEED them. So anyway, I love it when I get home and can truly inspect what I have purchased.

Today's find is a great case. A baggie full of keys, I could see there were some interesting ones, but I couldn't truly see how many or the specifics, but the price was right so I got them.

What I see looks about like this

First thing I do when I get home is grab some glasses, rip open the baggie and inspect... I was not disappointed.

Look at some of these lovelies. I knew there were some small keys in there which I need for my Faith Necklaces, but these are great. It was like Christmas.

Woo Hoo!!!! Now a bag of old keys might not make your day, but it sure makes mine. :)

In honor of my imperfect eyesight, I've made this necklace

That is a real magnifying glass

This item and more are in my current Etsy Listings. Lots of great vintage stuff... junk and jewelry, I'm de-stashing. Hop over and see if there's anything you want.


time-worn interiors said...

You are so funny! I have been wearing readers for about 5 years now and I still can't find them or forget them in the car, house, garage or where ever else I took them off! Never gets any better! LOL!


p.s. I have about 10 pairs!

Jane said...

I felt like you were writing this post about me! I am at the point where readers are necessary too and I have a pair tucked everywhere! I have a love affair with old keys so I can appreciate your excitement over finding that bag of keys. Love the necklace too.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I'm wearing trifocals now! I remember the days of readers and getting something home and it not being exactly what I thought. I had readers stashed everywhere in my house. Love the keys, you got some great ones!!

TruWhim said...

Oh so neat. I love the keys I would be excited too. The necklace is beautiful and functional. Great idea.

desanderson25 said...

Many, many years ago when I wore those "readers" or mine were "half glasses" I had a chain they were on around my neck and so most of he time I didn't forget them, most of the time.

Vickie said...

Very cute, Margo - I need my glasses attached to my person by a chain or some kind of fasteners in my scalp cuz I forget them and lose them all the time. I, too, have about 10 pairs all around the house, work and the car. Sometimes even that is not enough!

Vicki said...

Why do the eyes go on our 40th birthdays and just get worse year after year? It is like someone pressed a button. lol I do love the necklaces and all of the ones in your Etsy shop. Very clever!

Vicki at

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