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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cottage Wreath Project

This project came to me as the Christmas Season was winding down, but it can actually be a wreath for all seasons.
Here are the basic instructions.

First you'll need a wire or wooden wreath frame, and a pile of old spindles. Chair and crib parts work great for this project. The more colors the better (unless you are going for a monochrome look).

First cut spindles to various lengths. For my wreath I cut the spindles in half down the middle. This is not necessary and would probably be difficult for most people. The spindles can be glued to the base either way. I like them in half because one side is flat and I get two for one out of each spindle. You can find my tutorial on cutting spindles in half here, if you are interested, but be careful.

Arrange the spindles the way you want them. I made sure to space out style and color. Use the curves of each spindle to fill in as much of the blank space next to it as possible. If a spindle is wider on one end than the other, put the smaller end towards the inside of the wreath.

Then with your favorite strong glue (hot glue will not hold) glue the spindles to the base and let dry according to your glue directions.

A few may need to be re-glued but you'll know that after it dries. A few ideas to hide the wire behind might be some dried flowers tucked between the spindles or, burlap, or twine. Change it up with the seasons.

Let me know if you make it and if you vary it any. I love to see what you all do with my ideas when you take them to the next level.

Another idea for This project is as a window valance. Just glue the pieces to a piece of wood cut the right width and you've got yourself a fun window topper.

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12 comments: said...

Love your wreath!!!Thank you so much for showing us how to make it. I can see one in my future;)
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Farmchick said...

I really like this wreath and might try it, if I can find the parts. I kind of like the look with the wire showing. Nice project.

Renee @ where the grass is greener said...

This is really cool! And, I love the window valance idea...Oh, how I wish there were more time in the day!

Nancy @ Ella Elaine said...

I am LIKING this project! Next time I am digging around in the garage stash I will keep an eye out for wreath making parts!

Anonymous said...

Very cool project. Unique and clever. Gonna have to search out some parts for one myself! Thanks for the inspiration...

Jennifer Rizzo said...

That wreathe is so cute! you could leave that up year round!

Stephanie said...

Such a great idea - thanks for sharing Margo!

Debbie P. said...

That is just so super cute!! I just wish I had all those spindles laying around, waiting for a project. The colors are just so cool too! (Maybe we should start buying cribs for parts! ha!)

slommler said...

Loving the wreath and as a window topper is cool too!!

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Margo what a FABULOUS idea....I OFTEN have left over spindles & chuck them out after a while 'cause I haven't been able to use them in my projects....YEP....I can see a wreath project comin' right up....!

As ALWAYS Lovey....THANKS for the inspiration....!!

Tamarah :o)

Pamela said...

Cute cute idea! I actually thought they were rollig pins at first and how awesome that would be in my kitchen. Either love it!

Alicia ~ time worn style said...

REally like this project, am now going to check out how to cut those spindles in half!

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