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Monday, January 17, 2011

Why do I enjoy selling some items instead of others?

Recently while shopping with a fellow dealer, I commented on the "randomness" of her purchases. "I buy what sells" she replied.

For me on the other hand, "I buy what I like" and enjoy playing with it till it sells. Some items I buy and sell, because well... they sell and I know they will sell, and so when I see them I buy them. Or Some of the items that I make, I don't enjoy making. I'm over the fun of the project, but they sell well, and so I continue to make them and sell them.

But I don't get excited about it. Then... when someone buys some piece of junk that I found, and loved, I get so excited. I may make more money on those other items, but I get much more of a thrill from selling the "one of a kind whatever item". Does this happen to you, do you have things you sell just because and then things that you love to sell?

I wonder why that is, Money is money right? So I must not really be in this for the money... well it helps!!! But still I long for the sales of my rusty junky oh so cool stuff.

How about you????

Note: These photo's have nothing to do with this post, but I can't have a post without pics right ;)


gina3 said...

I tend to buy more of what I like since most of it goes to my home first. Our (my pal and I) little antique booth is more of an extension of our home is some ways and reflects what we like. I do have some things I occasionally buy because I know it sells and I sell some things I inherited that really aren't my style but most of the things in our booth have cycled through our homes. We're fairly new at this so that may change but for now, that's where we're at. I enjoyed reading this post and similar ones like it.

slommler said...

I make everything I I am totally invested in it while I am in the process of creating. But I reach a point with it! A point where I am tired of looking at it and it is time to go! Ha!

NuminosityBeads said...

We're in the process of converting an outbuilding next to our Alaskan house this coming summer to put a bit of our "overflow" of collections so I think it will be mostly things we have liked in the past to begin with. I'm pretty sure any buying we do will be things that my husband or I am drawn to. We have slightly different tastes. We do a bit of resale too with our gem show purchases and have figured out things we like that also sell well.

As far as my creations go, I find if I do a line of similar pieces it's easier to part with them and if it's a totally one of a kind piece, I'm happiest if it goes to someone I know.
It's an interesting question that you've posed.

xoxo Kim

Vickie said...

Hey Margo! Well, I wouldn't know cuz I'm not in the business, but I do like the picture of all the tags. It looks all cluttery and cool. ;)

As for buying, I buy what I like. I may have to have a farmhouse sale when we move out there permanently. I don't have room for all my old junk and all the junk I have to move from home! Maybe you'd like a first dibs??? ;)

Pjjunker said...

I sell crafts and random found items as a hobby so I only buy what I love. That way, if it doesn't sell, I won't be stuck with a bunch of junk that I don't like.

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Hi Margo:
I do have to love what I sell - or at least like it a lot. I figure I own it if it doesn't sell, and it is my I go for what I like. Generally it sells --even if at cost.
Since this is my hobby -- I want it to be fun...right?

red.neck chic said...

I'm not even sure what to say here...
I buy what I like - sometimes it sells, sometimes it doesn't - but, like you, I get SO EXCITED when someone takes home one of my "treasures!"!

I don't think money is my object - I have way tooooo much fun. LOL

And I love your photos that have nothing to do with your post. heehee

;-D robelyn

Prior said...

Just today...I saw something at goodwill that I've changed up a bit and sold all that I made, but I just didn't want to make another one...I had already done the fun designing part, so yeah the thrill was gone. I Love all of your one of a kind creations!

Tricia @ Vintage No. 35 said...

I love that first photo. I was drooling over all of those small junk items. I typically buy items that I can sell or could use in my home for a little while with the knowing that I could make a little money on it in the future.

" SHABBY JUNK" said...

I do sell what I like. I like the different things, the not as common things. The heart pounding things. I hear ya Margo.

Gracie's Cottage said...

Yes...I buy what I like...and I'm always thrilled when someone else likes my 'junk', cause I can't keep it all.


Angela said...

When I was in the business I would try to just buy what I liked (but if I like it too much I keep it!!). Then I'd run across things I knew were worth something, really cheap and I'd buy it for that reason only. It wouldn't be long before I'd give them away because I just couldn't stand having them in my booth anymore!
I also wondering, like one of the other commenters, if the photo of the tags and stuff were a collection or for sale in your antique space. They are very cool!

beth said...

I am with you....I always buy what i love. That way if it doesn't sell, I can always keep it :)

Did you get those music reels at the JB ? I picked up one...couldn't resist. Again- I loved it and am still cranking my wheels to think of something to do with it.
Happy New Year!

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