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Monday, July 18, 2011

Dream Home

For 20 years Mr R and I lived in a ranch home in a suburb of Fort Worth. We brought home 2 baby boys during that time and basically just made a living and grew up. All the while longing for country life and our dream home. One day Mr.R sketched the picture you see above (sorry for the bad scan). It was the vision we both had in our heads of our Dream Home. I put the picture up in my closet and would occasionally look at it and dream.

In 2003 we planned a little weekend get away two hours east of DFW. We stayed at a B&B that we had stayed at before, and drove around the small town we had grown to love for it's lush greenness, and it's perfect size and old timey charm. It just so happened that Mr R had been watching the home listings for the area and we decide to view a house while we were here. No plans to move though.

This is the house we viewed. We fell in love from the outside, it was so much better than our dream. 5 wooded acres, in the country but still close to town. The inside was a wonderful as the outside and although we were not yet ready to move, we could not get this place out of our heads. Even though it was bigger than we needed, It really could have been a tiny cottage and we would have loved it. The property was wonderful, and it was just the style of home we were looking for. And the price...Let's just say, homes are cheaper in the country, than you'd expect.
Long story short, we bought it, worked on it during the weekends for 9 months, making it perfect for us, while waiting for Son #1 to graduate High school, and then moved in during the Summer of 2004. We continued major remodel for another 2 years while living here. It's now been 7 years and we are just as in love as were were in the beginning. Maybe more so as we've grown to meet people, and get established in the community.
When we happened upon the old drawing recently, we were both astonished at the similarity between the house he had drawn and the one we ended up with. Makes one think there might be a plan to it all????


Junk Evolution said...

They say if you can dream it, you can live it (or something like that) seems it was fate! Funny how a home seems to complete us, but when the right time comes we can pick up and move on. Your home is beautiful.

Shelley said...

Great story...God does give us the desires of our hearts....blessings

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...


I'm so happy that you're still in love with it.

We were in love with our home when we moved here...Since Honey's retired, we've been trying to rekindle that love of our little country home.


Mona Kay at Home said...

Aww, that is truly inspiring! Destiny and chance are funny things. Enjoy your beautiful dream house!

Curtains In My Tree said...

I am going to copy an old farm house that is my dream house and pin it in my office on a bullentin board. maybe my dream house will come to me


Vee said...

Yes. I think so. And the reality is better than the dream. I can say this because there are three dormers instead of two. Love this story and never knew it before. I thought you'd lived where you live since you married.

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Margo your home is BEAUTIFUL & I LOVE how you've both made your dream a reality....!!

I look forward to seeing it myself in person some day & sitting out on that FABULOUS porch swapping junkin' stories with you.... :o) !!

Cheers from Oz,
Tamarah :o)

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