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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Goods Round Top/Warrenton Fall 2011

First I wanted to show you what Tamara Gifted me, all the way from Australia. Those are cricket balls and some toy double deckers. I was doing the happy dance.

I found this lovely hard shelled purse, It's tre-chic

School maps, music charts

I brought home 3 different globes

What a beauty this is, old thread display

One of my fav finds were these old greyhound glasses. Still in box never used. I love anything greyhound. I'll be selling them for 9.50 ea if anyone is interested I have over 18 of them, all the same.

I'm a sucker for old toys.

And Vintage Christmas

I found a bunch of these old olive baskets, like in my post before. Will be offering them on Etsy soon.

And some Lovely galvanized fretwork patterns.

It was a good haul. I got off to a slow start but once I got going I was on a roll.


JunkStuffTreasures said...

Love the greyhound glasses (so unique)and olive baskets (so useful)!

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh! I just found your blog and love, love, love it!

tromiesgirlg09 said...

OMG I think I just met my new twin I ran across your site so accidently and you have so much of junk I have and do all the same things I do so god there is another like me lol I did hair for 28 years and retired last Dec and my husband started the flea market gig as he is retired from the city of omaha due to injury and he took over a booth there and girl taken me 2 years to clean out all. I am very impressed with all your work and glad I have come across u very much a pleasure to have found you my name is Lynnette and also lots of the same things in common as u and glad to meet someone so much the same. Love your blog

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