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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Getting Started-It's gonna be beautiful

Confession time, I've been a little neglectful of the outside of my house in the past couple of years. When we first moved in, 7 years ago, I repainted my porch railings, deck and steps. But 7
East Texas summers and 7 East Texas winters have taken their toll.
Not to mention what the drought has done to my lawn and landscaping.

About a month ago my oldest Son became engaged, and shortly after, my future Daughter in law asked if they could have the wedding at our house, on our porch.
I was thrilled and of course I said "yes" knowing this was just the thing I needed to get my rear in gear, to get it all fixed up.
.The list is long, Landscaping, paint and repair, front and back yards and beds. As well as some house repairs. And we finally got started today with some tear out. Not the prettiest part of the job but necessary.
We lined the expanded landscape flower beds with rocks, and removed some bushes that were just past their prime. My yard used to be green, I promise it did. If we could just get some rain.The list is long, but I'll just keep looking at my inspiration photo's and dream of how it will look in April. She's a sweet gal and has recruited me for some of the "fun stuff" regarding decorating, and finding the props for a fabulous vintage reception. Lost to do, watch for updates. In the meantime, rest on this beautiful finished front porch I found on pinterest. Should I go with black rockers or stay with the white???
Black or white?

More inspiration photo's, I'm using this post to keep track of ideas

Love the extra chair for extra seating

Love this, If only I could make my beds look this good

There will be knockout roses. Drought tolerant and colorful.
And Tyler IS know as the "Rose City"


Cindy@OldTimePickers said...

I like the white rockers with your color scheme. You could always add more color with pillows or painted embellishments.

Mary @ Redo 101 said...

How exciting to have a wedding at your house and a vintagey daughter-in-law-to-be! We'll have fun following along until the big event in April.

Mary @ Redo 101

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Margo ~ Oh girl there is nothing like a wedding to get
things done ~ Oh my gosh I totally remember that when my girls got married ~

JunkStuffTreasures said...

Congrats to your family. I would use black rockers to add a bit of contrast to your white house and shutters. Your garden will also add nice splashes of color. Good luck with your projects!

Anonymous said...

I love your house. So pretty !

Do you use Pinterest? It's a great way to keep track of inspiration photos.

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Hey Margo....!

WOW....Those black rockers ROCK....hahahahaha....SERIOUSLY though....I'm partial to a bit of black.....But then....I procrastinate back & forth....Black....White....blackwhiteblackwhite....SORRY....Absolutely NO HELP at all I know....**wink**....!!

Bummer about your dry garden....We're just coming out of a 10 year drought down here so I feel your pain....You can always run a hose from your laundry when you're on the rinse cycle....A few loads a week would go a TREAT.... :o) !!

I'm looking forward to seeing some more pics as you go along....You'll have to get a wriggle on though 'cause you've got your trip to Paris to factor in there as well....I think things 'round Casa du Robo are about to get REAL bizZAY....hahahahaha....!!!

Cheers for now Lovey,
Tamarah :o)

Imseeingraggedies Nutt said...

Congrats!!! I love your home! We actually picked a house identical to yours in Magnolia, but decided on Conroe so my kids wouldn't have to change schools! It is now our forever home! We FINALLY got rain today!!! I know all about needing rain! I wanted to go out and dance in it! LOL I can't wait to see what you do with your yard. And my grass is usually green, but with this drought it has been brown n crunchy! lol Maybe this rain will perk it up! Take care, Shawnette :)

Susan @ said...

Found you by accident when I was googling something to do with some old windows... I love your site and I'm your newest follower. I also have a blog and I love to create with junk!
I'm glad I found you!

Candylei said...

How wonderful! Roses will be just perfect in April! Your landscaping will probably look even better than the pictures you've posted for inspiration. I'm all about gardening so it's exciting thinking of you and your latest project. Don't we all have a bunch of them on the burners?? ;-)

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