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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fabulous Fall Thursday Finds

What started out as a rather slow garage sale morning took a quick turn into jackpot land. Just as I was done, and was attempting to be happy with my mediocre findings... I spotted a rogue garage sale sign, and of course did a quick u-turn down the lane. Where not only did I find this plethora of vintage 1050's comics, but these fabulous candy display pieces below.
Love those curved bottom glass jars and they have hinged lids and the stands are fabulous with or without the jars.

And as a bonus these 4 sets of yummy industrial file boxes. Not to mention several un-pictured smalls.
It was a good day indeed!!!

Now the question... Does anyone know anything about comic books???


JunqueMagnet said...

Great finds. Sometimes that last happened upon sale is the best isn't it? Thanks for sharing.

Country Gal said...

Cool finds. A comic book store maybe able to help you out with the comics if you really want to know their worth ! Have a wonderful evening.

Jane said...

I don't know anything about comic books but I LOVE those candy display pieces...awesome find!!

Sueann said...

Boy did you find some great items!! I love those glass candy jars and stand!! Fabulous!
And as for comic idea!!
Great haul though!! Congrats

Swanky Salvage Decor said...

WOW! You hit the motherload with those comic books! Love the candy dispensers too.

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