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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I love Fall

I snapped this beautiful vine against the dark wet bark of an oak tree in my yard. A day of rain is welcome around here and the cooler temperatures are a much anticipated sign that the seasons will, in fact, change...Come on Fall, you can do it!!!!!

Life is very busy around here, hang in there with me, I promise more content soon.

Reminder The Gresham Barn Christmas in the Country sale is coming next week. I'll be there with a pile of vintage Christmas items and Jodi tells me the Barn is full. Hopefully I'll have some pictures soon.


red.neck chic said...


I'm so ready for fall!!! Gorgeous vine!!!

;-D robelyn

Gracie's Cottage said...

Glad you're getting a bit of the wet stuff Margo; we are too.
Pretty vine!


Country Gal said...

Our fall is nearing the end now. Wonderful photos. Have a good evening.

SueAnn said...

Loved your pics!! And looking forward to see your new items!

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