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Monday, November 14, 2011

One week of junking along with Margo-Monday

Today being a Monday, it's not usually a big junking day, but It's usually a huge shipping day.
Weekend online sales pile up and Monday I play catchup. So this morning was spent organizing, boxing, printing postage etc. I'm fortunate that my "day Job" allows me a great place to do this and my mail carrier picks up right there at that side door. So Off it all went to it's new home.

Then after working an extra to make up for the time I spent on personal stuff, I headed home and spent about an hour on various computer work. Blogging, posting photo's and writing descriptions for Etsy listings etc.

A phone call was made to a "lead" and I'm waiting for a response so I can look at some vintage stuff a person has for me to dig through. But I'm still waiting to hear back.

Other Misc:
30 min phone call to purchase ticket for April Paris Trip
Deal with an item broken during shipping.
Read, and Answered Flea Market Style Blog Emails
Scanned some Comic Books

Tonight will be spent writing up more descriptions etc, and I have some cleaning of last week's junk to do out in the barn if I get to feeling better. I think I'm trying to catch something, hopefully it's just allergies.

Don't forget about the Christmas in the Country sale this week at the Gresham Barn, click link below for more info.


Country Gal said...

Sounds like you have been a busy gal ! Next Saturday there is a Country Christmas craft show in our neck of the woods in town , it is in a huge warehouse with over 400 venders OH !! I cant wait lol ! Have a wonderful day !

Andrea said...

Just found your site I am a big time junker too! Love it. So I am new to blogging and I am having my second giveaway to get the word out about my blog on mosaic art. I was hoping every one could come help an old lady out. I am not very tech savi and I am always bothering my son to set these things up fpr me and they aren't any good if no one comes lol. All you have to do is subscribe to my feed to enter come on over it could be fun.

Sueann said...

I have been suffering with allergies myself. Tired; stuffed head; sore throat...acts like a cold but it is just my allergies! Sucks! Sorry your are suffering too! Makes it difficult getting things done.

Jane said...

There's definitely a lot of work that goes into finding and selling good junk (my husband would laugh at the term "good junk")! It sounds like you are a very organized person!!

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