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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gresham Barn Sale Starts Tomorrow Evening

I love it when I sell things at the Gresham Barn Sale, because I get to pre-view a bit of the junky goodness when I drop my things off.
The sale opens tomorrow evening at at 4:00 for Jodi's famous pre-view party and sale. All items are available for purchase. It's great fun, with fabulous Christmas music, sounds and smells filling the air. And wonderful vintage Christmas as well as other Vintage items.
This is just a sampling of photo's and not everything was out yet when I snapped these on saturday.
You can see more on Jodi's blog. I'll be working the whole evening, so if you stop by, say hello and I'll see you there.

Today's Junking with Margo...
Tuesday is a little like Monday and is usually part of the slower part of the week. Today I...
Shipped Magazines
Worked on placing a claim with shipping company for damaged merchandise (ugg) (How do you break a cast iron piece? Tell me that!!!!!)
Shipped a replacement
Flea Market Style Blog work
Blog Post (this one)
Met with a lady about some junk she had for sale
& Wrote online listing descriptions
The week will start in full gear Wednesday, with working the Gresham sale, and more shipping. I'm estimating my hours tomorrow to be around 7-8 plus the real job.


trash talk said...

How do you break a cast iron piece? I don't know...but we managed to snap the leg off a fantastic drafting table just by setting it on the ground. Go figure!

Vintage and Company said...

Thanks! I'll see you tonight!!!!

SueAnn said...

What wonderful things!!

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