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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

One week of junking along with Margo-Wednesday

The day started early with 3 local estate sales. One was quite large as you can see above.
At one I missed this fabulous item by just about 1 minute. Agggggg!
After that I went to work where I shipped one order, and spent 20 mins filing a claim for the broken item mentioned before, with UPS.

Then after several hours of real Work I headed to the Gresham Barn for the beginning of a long evening wrapping treasures for customers. Now I'm home and beat, but I still have some other junking stuff to do and some housework.

More Tomorrow-total hours 6 so far
Additional hr on blogging, online sales, and email answering etc
And my W key is sticking on my computer so I'm having to go back and make lots of corrections. I never kne ho much I used the W key :)

1 comment:

DogsMom said...

"w" smile

for me it is the A key - it often comes up in the wrong spot in the word.

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