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Monday, December 19, 2011

The great East Texas Nativity controversy

There is a little town in East Texas called Athens.
It's much like "Bedford Falls" from It's a wonderful life, with community activities, an active town square and quaint small town feel.

The City of Athens has a nativity on the courthouse lawn, as well as Santa Clause and some other various Christmas accoutrements

Some Atheists from Wisconsin found out and wrote a letter.

this is the result:

ATHENS — Thousands have rallied on an East Texas courthouse lawn in response to an effort to remove a Nativity scene.

The Athens Daily Review estimated that about 5,000 people came to Saturday's rally, where a Baptist pastor told the crowd was prompted by "the beginning of persecution of Christianity in our nation."

Henderson County officials this month received a letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation. The group asked that a Nativity scene be removed from the courthouse square and seeks to put up its own banner. County Judge Richard Sanders says the county is complying with federal law and the Nativity scene will remain.

Next year the Athiests get their "banner" on the lawn as well. Having been brought up in that way I know their mindset, but what they don't realize is when they push we pray.... and which is truly more powerful I ask you????

So push away, and we'll pray...And gather... and our faith will be strengthened, which is opposite of what they are trying to accomplish.

This report from Gloria of Winnie & Tulula's which is located just across from the courthouse on the square."It was amazing..everyone was traffic litter to pick up..great day our little town!!"

Have a Merry Merry Christmas.


Randi~Dukes and Duchesses said...

I live in the DFW metroplex and my best friend used to live in Athens so I've spent time there ... this story keeps catching my attention on the news. It reminds me of Tim Tebow ... the more people fuss, the more opportunity there is to share what we believe. Controversy isn't all bad!

Vickie said...

This just blows me away. I've been listening on the news about it - I like what you what said, Margo, about the more they complain, the more we pray. Let's hear it for small towns in Texas! Thanks for sharing...

How in the world did folks way up north know about this little nativity and raise such a stink? I'm sure there are nativities in small towns all over the place - leave Texas alone!

Vee said...

Warms my heart to see. I'm delighted to know that such a town still exists in the USA.

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Wow...this just demonstrates how much more we Christians need to stand up for what we believe. We must remember to pray for our nation and it's leaders daily.

Thanks for sharing this story, and I commit here and now to do my part to insure that our Christian rights are not striped away.

Merry Christmas,

HMax said...

I think there is a lot of misunderstanding here. Nobody is trying to strip away anyone's right to pray. This is a government property, not private property. Do you want your government meddling in your religion? What if there were only a menorah dispayed? Would you be upset? Government and religion do not mix well. Now if you must have a display then all religions should be allowed to display. There are something like 20 major religions and who knows how many hundreds of smaller ones. Your courthouse lawn is going to get kind of crowded...

Margo said...

#1 prayer not the issue
#2 they do
#3 Ok if that was the only pending, widely celebrated, holiday coming up.
and No I wouldn't.

#4 Apparently any group can apply for a display and the FFR group has and will have their banner next year, even though they have no pending, widely celebrated holiday coming up.

The FFR and groups like them just need to practice the tolerance that I'm sure they want us to have with them. We don't all think alike, but a nativity that has been there for decades is not hurting anyone. But raising a stink about it is hurting us as seen by the turn out for the rally.
Truth is the FFR would love for ALL symbols of ANY religion to be removed and banned. For some strange reason the reminder once a year that a large group of people disagree with them is intolerable.

JustPam said...

What a wonderful story!

Restyled Home said...

"Truth is the FFR would love for ALL symbols of ANY religion to be removed and banned. For some strange reason the reminder once a year that a large group of people disagree with them is intolerable."

Perfectly said, Margo!
Merry Christmas to you and your family!

SweetMelissa said...

Merry Christmas, Margo! Well said, and God Bless...(God bless them too!)

Sher said...

Hi, Margo! At 63 years old, I still do not and probably will never understand people who say that government and religious faith don't mix. Our country has proven this to be false. The United States of America was founded UNDER GOD. These people have to take a look at history. I will also be among the first to attest that our public school systems seemed to have functioned much better before prayer was removed. Me, I'll be continue to pray for the nonbelievers.
Hugs, Sher

Anonymous said...

As an up Nord' (Minnesota) person I will be praying along with you. For those who say separation of church and state is in the Constitution-it is not. It was in a letter that T Jefferson wrote and never included in the founding documents.

Have a Blessed and Merry Christmas!!

Julie @ followyourheartwoodworking said...

I'm a Canadian and probably shouldn't comment but... doesn't your president place his hand on the Bible during his swearing in ceremony?

Merry Christmas, love your junkin journal!

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