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Thursday, December 15, 2011

What a Crate Shelf

Always in the mood for change, I decided to pull some old crates from my barn and make a storage/display shelf in my "junk room"

First to make it look less "dorm" and more "furniture" I added some feet to a board for the base.
This lifts it up off the ground a bit and makes it look more like a piece of furniture.

Then I pulled in several crates from my barn. I tried them in different configurations before I settled on this. You could screw them together at this point, but I did not.
Then I accessorized with stuff that I have in the barn that is mostly for my Etsy store. Pretty much all of it is for sale. It'll be a rotation of my favorite items until they sell and then something new will go in their place.

The whole project took about 20 mins including drilling holes for the feet. I think it might make a good spot to photograph Etsy items as well.


Shelley said...

I like it...looks great....blessings

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I like it.
The pedestal for it all to sit on was a nice touch too!
I think you're right about the photo spot...


SueBee said...

I like it too! Great idea to keep your etsy stash displayed and useful...

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