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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Shipping Updates and Hickups

As I said in a prior post, when dealing with the postal service one never knows...

Hickup #1

Today I got this little letter, stating that my parcel is too thin to be shipped first class with delivery confirmation, as offered by paypal. Their solution, upgrade to priority mail (passing the cost onto my customers which I do not want to do) or, I need to make my packages thicker, according to the letter. Now this makes no sense to me, A thicker package can be mailed first class, but a thinner one cannot?????

My solution, is to add a sheet of bubble wrap to each package, so...If you get a magazine with an unexplained sheet of bubble wrap with it, you'll know it was shipped after today. Which fortunately is only a few magazines at this point.

On the other hand, if for any reason the postal service tries to collect additional postage from
you, please let me know.

#2: I use paypal postage service to post all of my magazines, but for some reason, the Bulk processing option is not working for a huge chunk of the magazines, so I'm having to process them one at a time. I have not been a happy camper, as I would love to have all of these out you all already. But due to these 2 issues, some have been delayed, however I am making headway, and hope to have them all out in the mail by Thursday.

Back to packing and shipping.



Anonymous said...

sorry for your problems .. i'm getting back into selling online again and while I hope to be successful, i don't look forward to the problems. or hiccups.

Jan said...

Sorry for your problems with USPS. I prefer them to any other carrier. I get my items faster and in undamaged condition. Don't understand the message you received. I think I would go to my local post office and see why this happened. I know it is easier to do it from your home or office. I have had no problem mailing my orders out with USPS. Good luck.

Tricia @ Vintage No. 35 said...

Sorry for all the problems USPS is giving you! Looking forward to the magazine!

Sanna said...

Hi Margo,

That sounds crazy. I want to thank you, I received my copy yesterday. It was a quick delivery considering I live in Sweden :)


Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Oh BUGGER Margo....What a PITA....The JOY of dealing with the Postal Service....**wink**....!!!!!

TinaTx said...

Bummer! Hope it goes smoother today.

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