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Thursday, February 16, 2012

All Magazine pre-orders have shipped and more

Just wanted to take a minute to update all my magazine customers.

As of today, all pre-orders have been shipped, all new orders received 2/15 or prior have been shipped and all International orders have been shipped.
(if for some reason you do not receive your magazine within a week, please contact me. Click my picture on the right side bar)
International orders will take a bit longer to arrive.

New orders will be shipped within 2 days of payment, International orders are shipped once a week.

Get it even before it appears in stores, order yours today.

The Spring 2012 issue is currently in stock for immediate shipping. Order yours today here


paper bird said...

Hi Margo!! I know this comment isn't related to this blog post, but I read an old post from 2008 on Vintage Textile Soak and had a question.
I really want to wear my grandmother's wedding dress - a beautiful satin tea-length dress that was made by my great- and great-great-grandmothers for the occasion in Austin in the late 1940's. However, as you may have guessed, it has yellowed CONSIDERABLY as it has lived in a variety of garment bags/cedar chests/closets for the last 70 years in the harsh Texas climate, no less.
SO, does that Vintage Textile Soak really do the magic it claims? And on satin? Do you have any other suggestions? Please, please, please - I want to wear this dress so badly. My grandmother died when I was eleven and it would be so special to everyone, especially me and my mother, if it could be restored.

Shelley said...

I took a peek at this issue at Walmart..its great. I wanted to tell you you might want to give the trading post a call here...he can't find your number but,he has some stuff you may be interested in...just giving you a little heads up :)

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