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Thursday, February 23, 2012

You know I love Orla

I know you all know that I loooove Orla Kiely's design and especially her bags. What you may not know is that she has designed several jute shopping bags for Tesco in the UK. Each bag sells for 4 british pounds and the proceeds go to charity. I was lucky enough to nab 2 recently from a UK seller, the one above and... the one below

Announced early this month is a new design that I am in LOOOOOVE with, and I have my UK relatives watching out for it for me.

There are a few other designs of the bags that are not my favs and so I've opted not to try and get them, but I'm lovin that green one above. And they are so affordable. Now you too can have an Orla original

And never fear, in all my Orla Kiely Crazy love I am still a Junker and I have a new stash to show you all soon.

I've been busy shipping magazines and have been able to keep up with getting new orders out within 2 days.

My wood floors are done, as well as several other projects around the house, which has kept me busy. I'm thankful to have a wonderful Uncle who came down to help (basically do most of the projects) he leaves tomorrow, and I'm so sad.

Thank you David for All you do!!!!!


SueAnn said...

Oh how great to have a helper. One that can get projects done.
And on a side note...I hate your word verification thingy. It sucks
Just saying

TinaTx said...

Can't wait to see your finished projects!

Curtains in My Tree said...

I wish I had an unlce to help out.

Didn't mean to sound so pitiful , however I don't have any Uncles

love the wood floor thing

the word thing I can't always read it correct, the letters are blurred

I usually have to enter it 3 times, this is twice

Margo said...

I know that the word verification can be frustrating. I went in and removed it today and was immediately inundated with spam comments, (at least 6 in as many hours) so I've had to add it back in now. Blame it on comment robots.


Clara said...

Can I get one of those uncles? lol Feels good to get things done.
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