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Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Porch, Love it Hate it!!!!!

Lately DH and I seem to be slaves to our home. We are trying to come up with ways to lessen this, but truth is, our dream home, owns us, and sometimes it can feel a bit defeating.
I am truly blessed to have the front porch of my dreams. Literally, I have dreamed of a porch like this all my adult life.

But with all things, it can be a blessing or a curse

After just 7 years the decking needs to be repainted.... again.
And take a close look at the ceiling, you can just make out some of the mildew problem I've been dealing with for several years.

I've powerwashed, bleached, primed 2 coats, and painted 2 coats, on the ceiling and railings and it is all nice and bright white now. It has taken 3 weeks of work to get this done (I'm taking it at a slow pace).
So right now my porch looks more like this, with ladders, plastic, and paint buckets everywhere you turn.

Than this

I'm going to paint the rockers also. They may look nice and white here, but in truth they are also covered in mildew and bleaching will only keep em clean for a couple of months, then they need it again. I'm using a mildew resistant paint additive that I've had good luck with in the past.

Next step is the decking and stairs

Then the rockers and swing, and then I can put it all back together. I want to be done by July 4th!!! for our big 4th Bash.

I better get cracking!!!!!

So between that and my room a day cleaning challenge I'm a bit busy.


craftymarta said...

Margo, I feel your pain. As we grow older a condo becomes more and more appealing. I have the same challenges living in the country. My screen porch was my dream too but there is no practicality to it, just a lot of maintenance and clean up. I love it though, it is a catch 22 kind of deal. In the other hand we are so blessed, our "problems and challenges" are somebody else dreams.

TammysVintage Finds said...

You have a beautiful porch! I grew up with a porch like that in Indiana, and then we moved to Texas (Dallas area) and you don't see porches like that here, at least not in the area we live in. We had a great porch swing on that porch too! Most of the houses here are ranch style with little or no front porch to speak of.

TinaTx said...

Margo, you know I love your porch! I know it is a lot of work - we had the same issues when we had our big porch in J'ville (except the ceiling since ours wasn't covered)Even with the maintainence issues, I still miss my porch.

marda said...

Wow.. at first I thought someone had taken a picture of my home!!!
Our house, we built in "03 is very similar to yours.. and one of the reasons we chose that plan was for that big front porch, not to mention the big back porch!! We don't have the damp problems where we are (Idaho) and we used Trex for the porch floors, so no need for all the upkeep you're dealing with. We get more compliments on our house because of that big ole porch!!! You don't see to many like it around here. (I think we have those same rockers too!)

Anonymous said...

We have a small front porch and it is cement. We also have two resin wicker rocking chairs we bought here in Amish Country. Just hose them off and all done!


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