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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Room a Day Cleaning Challenge

I've decided to challenge myself (and you through this blog) into a new house cleaning ritual. The idea is to break the house up into areas (not always rooms) and deep clean one of those areas per day. Now the typical house has 2-3 bedrooms, a family room and possibly a formal living room, A kitchen and dining area, 1-2 bathrooms ( I have 3) and hallways pantries and utility rooms. So for me I divided mine up into 14 areas. I may need to tweek this a bit as I proceed but we'll get to that.

For Day one I decided to start on the smallest room in my house, and that would be my downstairs bathroom. While small it's got a tub/shower, toilet, sink and vanity. Beyond the usual cleaning I dusted the blinds, cleaned the window, and under the sink as well as the cabinet door fronts. Fully scrubbed the baseboards and of course all of the usual stuff. It's spick and span for now, that was Sunday.

Day 2
Monday brought what may be the hardest room of my house, the kitchen. I should have divided up the kitchen from the dining room seen below, but I decided to tackle them in one day. I gave this area the royal treatment, and it needed. Top of fridge, microwave, cabinet door fronts, baseboards, floors sink all got a good scrubbing.
In here too. You see I'm cursed (I mean blessed) with picture frame paneling and chair rail throughout my downstairs. We installed most of it ourselves. While it's beautiful, it does collect the dust, and with 2 dogs, I get plenty of that. This paneling got the complete scrub in both rooms. As well as dusting and wiping down all the furniture in here. Whew I was tired after day 2. After that I looked at my schedule and was pleased that I had chosen a fairly easy room for day 3.

Day 3
The Guest room. All that this room needed was dusting, windows, blinds, and a good vacuuming.
I did do the ceiling fan and paid extra attention to the base boards. No picture frame paneling in here thank goodness. I'll wait to change the sheets for when company comes. That way I know it's fresh for them. This room also doubles as Etsy storage and photographing area, hence the photo light.

What I've learned so far is

1) the kichen and dining are 2 areas not 1.

2) this is really working. you see once I'm done with my area I can truly relax for the day. Knowing if there is dust building up in another area, it is on the list, and will be gotten to.

3)The schedule does not mean I let the other areas go completely to pieces between scrubbings.
I tend to be tidy anyway, it's the deep cleaning that I neglect.

Tomorrow is Ironing, I decided to give this chore a day of its own. I'll keep you posted. Are you with me, Are you willing to try this in your home. Have any advise or suggestions to add?


Laura said...

I really love this idea. I think I will give it a try along with you.

Susanna King said...

This is a great idea. I've tried it before, but never managed to follow through. I think I broke the house up into too many parts. Maybe if I try "areas" instead of rooms, it will work. I'm willing to give it another try!

Salmagundi said...

I'm following with interest your new plan. I've been keeping house for 54 years, and when I was young I would do the whole house in one day and once a week. Not anymore, as age as creeped up -- my husband is now retired and helps, but we've decided we need a different schedule. It's just too much on these old bodies. Something has to change, and hoping maybe we can modify your plan to fit our needs. Thanks for sharing it. Sally

LuAnn said...

I have to give you credit this is quite an undertaking. Good luck and keep going.

Alicia ~ Time worn style said...

great idea! think I should give this a go too

Michelle said...

I think this does sound like a good plan. I have two kids and four dogs (for real) and I cannot seem to keep up. However, I would say this plan would force me to do some special organizing in the "assigned" areas.

Pam @ Frippery said...

Love this. I tried fly lady for a while. Similar concept but the way they break up tasks each area takes 1 week. I am way to impatient for that! I will give your plan a go for sure. Thank!

Jules Thomas said...

What a beautiful home you have! A lovely blog challenging us all to get cleaning a room per day

Thanks for sharing


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