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Monday, August 20, 2012

Many lives of a table

Once upon a time I found a great oak library table for a song. I mean a "song". I could not pass it up. You can read about how it sat in our barn and we tried and tried to strip it and refinish it here.

So eventually it became my kitchen table. Then I got new chairs, Which would not fit underneath it because of it's skirting. So now I've ordered a new kitchen table, but what to do with this fabulous library table? I've considered selling it, and may someday, but for now it's my desk in my home office.
It's a great place to spread out and get work done. But of course I had to junk (dress) it up.

A little shopping in my own barn got me this great organizer. It's been in my etsy store for a year, I guess nobody else could see it's potential.

Now It's my desk organizer and It's perfect for this because when I need to spread out and work on mailing magazines, I can just lift the handle and move it away. I'm always working at the kitchen table anyway. Now IT IS my work table. :)


cathywhatisoldisnew said...

Your table makes a perfect desk Margo! I love the the vintage office supplies/containers you added to it. I have been stashing vintage office supplies away for awhile now just waiting to design my office/craft room in a few months after I retire.Love yours! said...

I love the table, I would love to have room for a great work table. I still have to use the dining room table for working.

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