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Monday, November 12, 2012

Honor A Veteran Today, Their Sacrafice is Great

Partial Reprint of my Memorial Day Post

Two years ago I heard a story of a local Marine who had been killed in Afghanistan.  "How sad" I thought, "that poor family". Then, I'm sorry to say, the story left my mind for other things.

Just over a year ago my son met a girl, she became his wife In April.  That Marine was her Brother.

I have, in the last year, gotten to know her family, and her brother through them.
I have seen, first hand, the sacrifice of our Soldiers, Veterans And Their Families.

Honor A Veteran Today

Never Forget


Shelley said...

My condolences to this family for their loss....may God bless them!

Jill said...

A beautiful tribute to him. And, yes, Lord, let us never forget.

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