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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bicycle Built for two Couples Shower

 My Friend Alison of The Flower Girl, Tyler Texas Florist,  was helping with a couples shower on Sunday and invited me along to see her fabulous concept.  I was intrigued when I heard some of her ideas.  The Theme was a "bicycle built for 2".  A great theme for a couples shower.
 I knew she was going to do something with bicycle wheels, but I was  blown away by the table scape.
 My pictures do not do it justice
 The runner was so artistically drawn by her very talented artist Daughter
The playing cards were "bicycle" brand of course.
 Very cute advise cards, with a play on words.

And outside she even had
 A bicycle built for 2 ready for a picnic
 A few vintage items for serving rounded out the perfect decor.

 I just had to share this fabulous Shower idea with all of you, Hope you enjoyed it.

This theme could be adapted to any sort of party and would be so fun to do outside.


Alison Piantanida said...

Thank you SO Much for blogging about the shower! I will be blogging about it also- with some of Kelly's photos on my blog. And I took your advice and am in the midst of making it a
And it will have a new name-
petals plates and parties! Thanks again!!

Winkel's Crazy Ideas said...

What is a couples shower? Love the tandem bicycle ready for a picnic idea and the other pictures look really interesting too. I have a bicycle decoration idea to do out by the road where l live...very slow getting it done but your pictures have inspired me :-) Pam

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