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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Love a good movie, but Good Movie Sets are even better

Last night I watched a movie called "One Day".  It stars Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess. From Wikipedia  Emma Morley (Anne" Hathaway) and Dexter Mayhew (Jim Sturgess) meet after their graduation from the University of Edinburgh on 15 July 1988. They spend the night together but agree to be friends"  The movie follows them on their journey from friends to  more than friends over the next couple of decades. There are many sets, and they live in many locations during the film. It appears to have been filmed in London and Paris.  The movie was good, but some of the sets were divine.

This is her Paris Apartment, not seen till the second half of the film. IT was one of my favorite sections of the movie.
Even the bahtroom was everything you would expect from a Paris Flat.
The best street scenes were the ones in Paris as well, and I really loved this dress she was wearing.

Then there is Another home in the film a little later on.
Love that background wall, with it's layers of chippy paint.  Her work area below is perfect, from the portable typewriter which follows her through the whole movie to the leather satchel hanging from the chair.  She has moments of true beauty in this movie and moments of (ugly duckling).  Other than her fake British accent, I thought her performance was very entertaining.  But again, I am drawn towards the sets and props.
My Favorite prop was this wall mount french bottle drying rack, seen earlier in the film when he is just opening his place, a

and later fully decked out.

I guess I can't even watch a movie without shopping for junk :)  

If you are looking for a nice chick flick for girls night, this is worth a rental. But grab the kleenex.

1 comment:

JustPam said...

I loved this post. I wish some scenes in movie would go slow motion just too look at the set decor.

I used to collect antiques but didn't have room for them when I moved, so I lost them at auction. Now my husband goes to auction to buy antiques to resell. I tell him not to let me see some of the things he buys because I want to keep them.

There is an antique French parlor stove sitting in my living room now. It doesn't go with anything in my home-it is just lovely.

So thanks again for this post.

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