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Saturday, August 24, 2013

California Trip Continued, Ki's House and Fun things to do around town

I feel so privileged to know Ki and to have been part of her junking adventures for the last few years. I took her up on her invitation to come out to LA and see her, and also hit the Rose Bowl Flea for the first time. As you can imagine, Ki's apartment is as fabulous as she is, and truly reflects her personality. She's moved from the one that was featured a few issues ago and is still getting settled into this place.
She has a great collection of the funnest, happiest pieces of junk I've ever seen.

I once asked Ki what her style was, and she said she is attracted to things that make her smile. 
The Burma shave sign has yet to find it's new home, but I'm sure when it does, it will be the perfect place.

 She has a great collection of decorating books and I enjoyed each quiet moment I had, to thumb through them. Isn't that a great game wheel (below)

I arrived on a Friday and on Saturday morning I got to watch her get a riding lesson. That is her horse, Shameless. I figured she had very few photos of herself on her horse, so I took some for her.
Of course I had to snap a photo of her in her riding clothes, Love the helmet.  Better to be safe than sorry.

She took me to a lot of fun restaurants. The LA area has no shortage of them, and the food was sooooo good. Above is a display of wine crate box ends hung above the bar area of a restaurant.  This kind of repurposing is everywhere out there, and I love it. I think something like this would make a fun room divider. What else could you do with this idea?   Below one place had  a great collection of vintage cocktail shakers in their bar area. We talked a passer by into take a photo. Good thing just about everyone know how to use an Iphone camera.
We went to the Santa Monica Pier and I talked her into a ride on the Ferris Wheel.
 It was so nice to see the beach and city from the top of the ride. It was an absolutely gorgeous day.

The Flowers were beautiful everywhere we went, but this Bougainvillea
blew my mind.

Shopping with Ki is interesting. She's always more interested in the displays than the clothes :) We walked into store after store and she's pointing at the repurposed displays and I know the gears in her head are turning the whole time. 

But the highlight of my trip was getting to meet Beans.  This great pup belongs to Ki's daughter, and if you read any of Ki's blogs or facebook posts, you know Beans.  He and I took to each other like 
Beans and Rice:)  LOL

Ki is such a sweet hostess and tour guide. Tune in next for how I was inspired to change some things in my house after coming home from my trip.



FUN!!! I was reading an old issue of Flea Market and you and Ki were in it!
Looking forward to your changes.

Simply Shelley said...

What a great time you had,and to meet fun,he reminded me of my Duke..I miss him so much. Can't wait to see your changes :) Blessings

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